Having been scammed once or more on eBay, will you buy from eBay again?


Will you buy from eBay again?

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  1. Despite all the scams on eBay, eBay has posted fantastic profits lately. It appears that people keep trading on eBay. Are most eBay customers gullible or bold?

    I have been scammed (won the bid for a fake item or a virtue item) three times, and avoided once. Still, I look for bargains on eBay from time to time. To minimize my risks, I have made a checklist of what not to do and what to do (such as getting help from this forum) and adhere to it . I guess, despite the potential mistakes, I think I do better with the ebay bargains. Therefore, I shall continue to shop on eBay. What about you?
  2. Well, I've received fakes twice... a pair of fake sevens and a burberry scarf. but that was more than 2-3 years ago, and at the time I didn't know of resources on the internet that helped with spotting fakes. I was able to get my money back for the jeans, but the seller for the scarf was no longer registered not too long after my purchase. It wasn't that expensive, so I considered it a lesson learned.

    I would not stop using ebay because there are other items I've been able to find at great prices, far below retail, that I cannot easily find in the U.S. For example, I buy a lot of foreign dvds (tv dramas or films), and I can only order them from online retailers or resort to ebay.
  3. i did get scammed on a bag and it was a hassle getting my $$$ back (CC co. came through) but i have been very happy with the some vintage clothing items i bought. great sellers - just as described. and after getting help on here, i did get my authentic Chanel bag. also, i found some very good prices on expensive toiletries (vitabath/kerastase/self-tanners)
    so yes, i will continue to comparison shop on ebay!
  4. I got scammed twice. I will not be using ebay anymore! I would rather pay retail than have to go through that again.
  5. I've been scammed twice, I believe. Well, you learn from your mistakes.
    I'm still on Ebay, became powerseller and my feedback is 100% positive so far. It's worth it.
    The only thing I hate is to wait for my items to arrive!
  6. I bought a 2 yr subscription to people for $100 and the buyer canceled my subscription after 3 months, then cancelled his account before I could even dispute.
    Now I buy all my magazines under $20 from ebay and anything above that amount I purchase from the magazine publishes directly. I found out if its a gift subscription they can cancel at anytime. and this person have perfect feedback and was a trusted seller for 5 years. So no more for me....
  7. I have not been scammed yet so I'm still on ebay. I'm more careful now than ever before though. :yes:
  8. Knock on wood, I've never been scammed on ebay. I am always very careful, though, knowing so many other people have been scammed! It's scary! But I'm still on ebay - I've gotten some great deals!
  9. At the moment I swear by EBAY, do a lot of buying haven't been scammed YET!
  10. I bought LVs on ebay and its not that hard to spot a fake.. but since some people reuse pictures from other accounts months ago, u really gotta be sure u know who u're dealing with!!
    plus there are people who actually sell real ones, you just gotta figure out yourself though..
    tips - never buy from people with 0 feedback, with pictures taken from eluxury, or have "private" in feedback so you can't read what other people wrote about them. also you can compare bags from different auctions! so for example if you're looking at one LV, (this could be time consuming) you can scan through the auctions, and pick out the differences, and pretty soon you will know how to spot real from fakes!
  11. I have been on eBay since the begining, well going back to 1999 and I have bought/sold over 300+ items and I have only been scammed 1x! I don't sell anymore, I haven't in about 5 years but love eBay - even if it filled with scammers, fakes, etc...
  12. I've only been scammed once.......(fake Gucci purse), and it was my own fault for not doing my homework first. I'm still a very loyal customenr and it has never happened again. I have met some wonderful sellers on Ebay and wouldn't hestitate to keep using them.

  13. I am hooked on ebay. There is stuff listed I could never find shopping around town. Saves gas, more selection............