Having Bad Bag-Luck Lately

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  1. I don't know what the hey is going on with my handbags.

    First my Goyard's straps were cracking after only 6 months of use. So I put it away. When I brought it back out, I noticed that the corners on my bag were worn down to the bare canvas which was starting to fray. I emailed them, and I have not heard anything back.

    I pull out my Stresa PM from retirement. I used her for about 1.5 years and put her back in the closet. I was really starting to enjoy the bag again, but today I noticed that my canvas has a HUGE crack under the leather flap that connects to the push lock. With tax, this bag was close to $1800 and it was used lovingly for 1.5 years.

    I'm so disappointed with my designer bags right now. I'm hoping that my bags can be repaired!
  2. Most high end designers will offer a repair service, usually for the leather parts of the bag. If there is a crack in the canvas, I don't think that's repairable. The SA will probably tell you it's time to buy a new one. I own one Goyard and have not had any problems yet (knock on wood), so I can't tell you how much their repair costs are relative to other designers. However, as far as I know, LV repair is quite costly. Still, take your bag into the store and have a store manager look at the damage. They might deem it as "defective", in which case you could get a free repair. But given that it's over a year ago, LV will most likely tell you that it's wear and tear.
  3. Strap cracking is pretty common on the St. Louis tote; it can be repaired, though I don't know the cost. The worn corners are also very common: Goyard's fabric is much thinner and more paper-like than LV canvas, and as such is prone to wear off in vulnerable places. Goyard can repair this by placing leather edges at the corners (as already exist on their more expensive bags), though there is a charge.

    Regarding your Stresa, there's nothing LV will do about cracked canvas. You can take it to a bag repair place to have it patched, though. My mother owns a Totally GM that developed a crack near the top after about two years as well; a consequence of the much thinner canvas LV is using these days, I'm afraid :sad:
  4. Sorry to hear that. I hope they can repair them for you
  5. Wow, that is so disappointing that the Stresa cracked. I'm sorry OP, but LV wont be able to repair cracked canvas. I wonder what caused it to crack and how we can keep it from happening.

    Anyone have any advice on how to prevent canvas from cracking? I would love to know.
  6. Oh no! I hope your luck changes :sad:
  7. I'm sorry OP about your bags. Do you mind sharing how you store your bags (i.e stuffed, lay flat, etc.....)
  8. I'm so sorry - LV definitely can't repair the canvas but maybe you can take it in for them to have a look anyways. Sorry for the disappointment!

  9. +1 Exactly what I was going to say to you OP. GL!
  10. An SA once told me not to store bags in their boxes as they can dry and crack. ???? She also said it's ok to fold them and put them in dust bags.
  11. I store my bags slightly stuffed (I recycle bubble wrap) and in their dust bags. Every couple of months, I give them a little conditioner to keep the leather supple.

    I am having my father in law bring my bag in because he buy several LE bags, watches, etc a year, so if they ever make exceptions they're far more likely to for him.

    I'm understand if the cracking on my LV were close to a seam or stress point, but it is literally in the center of the bag (under the Stresa's leather flap). Knowing that LV can crack so badly after really only 1.5 years of use is a REALLY big turn-off. They sell this fantasy of building these high quality trunks, luggage and canvas products that last for decades... I expect that leather cracks, wears down and needs to be replaced.

    I'll see what my FIL's SA says, but at this point I'm really turned off by both Goyard and Louis Vuitton. My MIL and SIL have St. Louis totes that are a few years older and with serious abuse, they still look brand new. I babied that bag and it didn't last me 6 months. I honestly expected more from Louis Vuitton in terms of quality. I take really good care of my bags and I'm very disappointed that the quality seems to be better on my one Coach bag.

    I was planning on getting the damier graphite Keepall 45 (with the strap) for my 30th birthday. Now I am thinking I might rather have a Faure le Page duffel or even possibly something less expensive from an up-and-coming designer.
  12. My Stresa PM vachetta flap is warped looking underneath. So disappointed.
  13. Can you please take pictures of the cracking? I just got myself a preloved Stresa in DA, my first LV and now I am concerned. I have been lusting this for longest time!
  14. So sorry to hear about the canvas on your Stresa cracking, its truly devastating that LV won't repair cracked canvas. That is probably my biggest fear when it comes to LV bags!