Having all my teeth pulled scared of the pain

  1. I am having all my teeth pulled 30 to be exact and I am having immediate dentures put in right afterwards I am really nervous about the procedure and wondering how much pain I will be in afterwards has anyone had this done and if so How well did it turn out for you. Need advice please.
  2. I've only had a wisdom tooth pulled and it was painful. It feels like a lot of pressure. Why do you have to have them all pulled? Good luck and let us know how you are doing.
  3. when I was young I had several ear surgerys and the doctor put me on tetracycline for the infections before they knew that it would permantly discolor your teeth and give them a chaulk like texture. so as I got older my teeth began to break off and wear down. The dentist told me about 10 years ago that by the age of 40 I would be needing false teeth. So I went to the dentist on Tuesday and he advised me to have them all pulled but he couldnt do it himself due to the fact of all the broken ones at the gumline. so He made the appointment for the oral surgeon to come in and do it on the 9th. Really scared because of the iv and from so many being extracted
  4. I'm sure that you will be put under anesthesia, so you won't feel or remember a thing. When I had my wisdom teeth out (impacted, all four) I just started taking the pain meds as soon as I woke up and took them on schedule and never felt a bit of pain. I did sleep a lot though.
  5. I had an excellent oral surgeon extract my wisdom teeth. They put me under, I literally only remember the mask being placed on my face and then waking up in the recovery room. Your oral surgeon should give you a prescription for pain med, you will probably get swelling too.

    Good luck with your procedure!
  6. OMG..U poor thing.....just make sure u gets lotsa pain meds.....hope it goes well!
  7. I'm playing devil's advocate here ... have you had a second opinion from another dentist and/or oral surgeon? Is it possible to cap or crown your existing teeth instead of removing all of them? How about getting dental implants instead of having to wear dentures? I'm not a dentist, but it just seems like extracting all of them is really an extreme measure.
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    I feel some of your pain... While I can't say I know what you're going through, I can at least relate a little as someone who wasn't blessed with perfect teeth. (In fact one of my back teeth just broke in half about an hour ago... No joke.)
    You will probably be in pain afterward, at least for a little while. Ive been to the dentist probably a hundred times and I'm not even 20. I know what it's like to fear going because the pain is going to be terrible...
    In the end, it sounds like it will be worth it to get it done, sometimes there really are no other options. I, for example, have a tooth that broke several years ago and from what was left of it (which wasn't much), I couldn't get the crown which it needed, and still needs. It's currently still sitting there with discolored filling as a makeshift tooth. It sounds like maybe you have had similar problems in getting things like crowns, etc because of broken teeth as well, but I could be wrong.
    It's so important to get the work done, don't be a procrastinator like me. I'm sure you'll be so happy with your smile once you get this done, even if you have to endure some pain. They should give you pain meds to last you a while after the surgery, and if they're not strong enough, let them know.
    *big hugs* and good luck

    (Also, as another poster suggested, a second opinion couldn't hurt... Unless you're sure that this is the way to go)
  9. They will give you medicine to take so that you won't be in pain afterward, and of course during it, they will make everything numb, and for that many teeth, since you are seeing an oral surgeon, and if you request it, they could just put you to sleep and wake you up when its all done!
  10. I am so sorry to hear that, I agree with someone above who asked if you have had a second opinion? It does sound really extreme.
  11. Wow... 30 teeth, all at once? I've only had 8 teeth pulled out all at once. It was done by an oral surgeon (took about 2 hours) for my orthodontic treatment. 4 of them were wisdom teeth still completely underneath my gums.

    They put me under and had a team of nurses and an anesthesiologist during the surgery. I had the best sleep ever...

    It was painful the first few days. My head was wrapped in gauze to keep the ice packs on my cheeks. I looked like I escaped from a mental hospital. They gave me Tylenol 3 and Demerol to take home. The Demerol made me nauseous. I was only able to consume liquids and I had this syringe to take home to clean my gums.

    I flew to NYC and then to Paris only 5 days afterwards so I guess the recovery was quick. The doctor did warn me that the pressure from the plane ride may erupt some of the stitches...

    Do get a second opinion, though...
  12. I wish you the best.
  13. I'm so sorry that you need this procedure. I have no advice. They will put you under for something so big and it sounds like you'll be taking in liquids and soft food for a while. I agree if you haven't gotten a second opinion, it wouldn't hurt to.

    Good luck!
  14. well maybe it wont be as bad because the teeth are in such bad shape. ive only had wisdom teeth removed. the impacted ones were complete TORTURE, but the straight extractions dont hurt *too* bad. either way good luck and enjoy the drugs.
  15. you will be fine!!!!! you will be under and you will be monitered just take your pain meds and you will do great!!!! please keep us posted!

    positive thoughts and engery sent to you