Having a very hard time finding the right Celine bag!

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  1. I'm 5'1 and I would like a bag that would fit my MacBook Pro 13". I wouldnt carry it every day but I would like the option! I also like a shoulder bag.. I'm weighing my options between Celine and Goyard!

    I was recommended the Cabas and I really like the Trapeze but it would only look right in the smaller size on me and idk if it would fit my things :/

    I also like the Goyard St Louis PM but it looks too flimsy. I've read reviews about strap issues too and sometimes it just looks overpriced. But ... Love the burgundy color. I would be willing to get it in a GM but I know it will overtake me!

    Does anyone have a rec for a luxury bag that can be used casually and for work that is not Louis Vuitton? It does not have to be Celine though I would love to find one that suits me!
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    Wonderful questions :smile:

    That macbook 13" does rule out quite a bit of options for you, size wise. When buying my bigger everyday bag, the ability to fit a macbook DID cross my mind - but knowing how conscious I am of taking care of my bags, I concluded that something as heavy as a laptop was not something I would be willing to stuff in my bag (structured or not.)

    I too sought out Celine and Goyard as options for my next bags. I love their brand aesthetic and what it adds to a bag collection. You're right, the trapeze will not comfortably fit the macbook without compromising its structure since the straps of the trapeze make the middle sag (and, there's only 4 feet on the bottom, meaning it will touch a surface if its too heavy in the middle). And if you're like me, I will only buy structured bags for now as they tend to age well.

    That being said, I'd steer clear of the Goyard if you're wanting to use it for the laptop, the place where the handles are sewn will look overly pulled at if you overflow the bag (see used St. Louis totes on Tradesy or Ebay for wear and tear reference). I never cared for the flimsiness of the St. Louis, and couldn't see it practical to endure my everyday needs :sad: Getting larger bags only encourages me to stuff them with more than I need, thus ruining the bag shape.

    Everyone and their mother will recommend you the Prada Lux Tote - which is a solid, photogenic option with every color you could imagine. If you're not too sick of the Luggage Tote, that's probably your best bet from Celine for a bag that will effortlessly fit the macbook while still retaining its shape. But if you're not sold on the Lux Tote and willing to try something other than Celine or Goyard - Saint Laurent's Sac De Jour earned its momentum with its small size (which is actually pretty huge). The only con is that it's a lot of leather and a bit heavy - but heavier bags are built to keep structure when stuffed with heavier things. Otherwise, I know there are people who can be anti-LV snobs (me, for awhile) but! There is huge truth to their durability. Epi leather is a subtle, chic alternative to the other louder "I'M AN LV BAG" prints, and the Neverfull MM in epi is close to indestructible and even used bags are in amazing condition. I definitely think you should consider the Neverfull, it's a bag that's stayed around as a classic for a reason.

    For me personally, if I knew I wouldn't need my laptop that much I wouldn't compromise that fact for a bag that I love, but wouldn't get just because it couldn't fit a laptop I don't carry that much. In that case, I would just carry a laptop bag or case separately for the days I do need it! I carry a Celine Mini Belt as an everyday bag, I personally don't have an issue carrying another bag for my lunch/water bottle so I don't ruin the shape or interior of my bag haha. Sorry this is pretty long lol, trying to get through my morning :smile: Hope that helps!
  3. Oh, totally forgot about the Chanel Caviar GST. A much pricier option, but still very sturdy and will always be in style!
  4. I second YS1_'s thoughts on the Goyard tote. I owned the PM tote for about 10 months and used it lightly as I use all of my handbags. It developed a small abrasion in one of the bottom corners which would have eventually progressed to a tear. The material is very flimsy and not built to last at all. I ended up selling it.

    I also owned a Chanel GST, but was not a fan of it as it began to lose its boxy shape. The straps were annoying to me as well as they would tend not to stay put on my shoulder for some reason.

    If you want a workhorse I also agree with the neverfull in epi...durable and looks great while not screaming LV.
  5. Dior has some lovely totes. Very durable and stylish whilst fitting a lot of stuff. The open bar and the large Diorissimo would work. Also second the Prada although I'm not too impressed by their quality.
  6. I have a cabas and I really wouldn't carry a laptop in it. The bottom would probably start to sag and even when I carry my full size iPad I can feel such a difference in the weight.

    The Celine luggage is a much sturdier, structured bag and I guess I wouldn't mind putting a laptop in this bag. It will be heavy but it's such a strong bag.
  7. Agreed with the Prada comment. Soooo many fashion bloggers have it and it really completes that posh workwoman outfit... but I'm so disappointed with the "meh" reviews on the quality that I'm not sold enough to purchase it. It's nice "bag fodder" in a collection's aesthetic; but I focus too much on practicality and if it can't be made to last it's not for me xD
  8. I might be the minority here, but I've had my goyard St. Louis PM since summer 2014 and I've been using it almost daily back then to college with laptop/books and since last year to work and the straps are absolutely fine. There's no wear on the corners either, the leather just softens up overtime which I think personally makes it look less flimsy. Hope that helps!

  9. If it's Celine I like the small cabas. I also like Mansur Gavriel small tote (I carry one to work daily). MG is so much cheaper and I'm also 5'1". I used to own Goyard St Louis PM but sold it, sealant started cracking on the area where the straps are attached to the bag, which is a common problem of that bag.