Having a very good birthday :yahoo:

  1. So, today is my birthday! My hubby took me and my kids to Atlanta and we stayed overnight at a hotel behind North Premium Outlets in Dawsonville. He watched the kids while I went shopping and had an awesome time. Here's my best find ever for $143.99, original price was $359 with item # 10829 :wlae: The lining is so pretty that I get so excited everytime I open the zipper. I love it! The legacy collection is my favorite ever.
  2. Sorry, I forgot to post the pics.
    P1010036.jpg P1010037.jpg P1010038.jpg
  3. Oooh that's cute!! :drool: I love east/west bags with shorter straps like that.
  4. wow awesome!!!
  5. Beautiful bag!! Congrats. It looks great on you!!
  6. Sounds like such a great birthday!!! Enjoy your bag!!!!
  7. Happy Birthday! What an amazing bag, for an amazing price! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! I love Legacy bags to death!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it:tup:
  9. happy birthday! its mine too and it was also a very coach birthday.
    good find! i got some mimi sunglasses at the outlet today for 63, they're 200 online!
  10. Happy Birthday to you, too! Thank you everyone! I think I am in love with the Legacy collection :love:
  11. Happy Birthday and Congrats!
  12. Happy Birthday!!! Love that bag! That is my outlet also and I've been thinking of heading up there, guess it is worth a drive!
  13. Thank you! That's the second time I've been there. We came about 4pm Saturday and it was a zoo! I didn't find what I liked and went back to the hotel and ate dinner then I decided to go back with my son and there I found that Legacy bag in the far end to the right of the store in the bottom shelf. I am so glad no one found it. When I left the store that night probably around 9pm, there was 2 of that left. Some of the SA's thought I was crazy that I was smiling from ear to ear. Wish I live there :graucho:
  14. Happy Birthday! What a nice hubby you have! I love the bag- great find!
  15. happy birthday! wear it in the best of health!