Having a second thought about my Monogram Shawl

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  1. I bought a beige monogram shawl yesterday. Actually i fell in love with the pink one, unfortunately its out of stock, the one on display is in very bad condition... the SA told me its an old color anyway (there are 2 pinks they have for the monogram shawl, 1 old and 1 new), will be very hard to find it anywhere else.. So i settled for the beige one..BUt now i seriously start to have doubt. The color washes me out, the size is too big for me (im only 5'2), hmhmhmh... And i dont even know how to wear it properly, i feel i was just too desperate to add another LV piece to my collection that i made such an bad choice :sad:(((((((. I cant exchange it now cos i bought in Singapore, and now im already back to VN....
    I will call up LV store in Vietnam tomorrow, if they have the pink i want, i will cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
  2. Try to get in contact with the store in singapore and explain-it should be easy to get a refund or at least a credit note which you can exchange in time-do not stick with something you do not want! Do not worry, everybody is picking something up from time to time that turns out to be a not so perfect choice!:yes:
  3. Can you wrap the shawl as a scarf? Should be looking very nice too.
  4. You can fold it smaller. Just a thought. :shrugs:

    Anyway, why don't you give a call to your nearest LV boutique, explain the situation and see what they can do for you? Perhaps you can exchange it in your local LV?
  5. I absolutely LOVE mine. However I purchased black which goes with most of my wardrobe. I am only 5'2 as well and think it looks great. I think Sandra has it as well and I know she is tiny (slender not sure of height). You fold it in a triangle to wear it around the shoulders!
  6. I have the champagne one and I love it! I'm also around 5'2"-5'3" and don't think it's too big. I like folding it into a triangle and then tying the ends behind my back to use like a shrug. I think it matches with anything and dresses up a casual outfit like if you wear it with jeans. But if you really want the pink yeah you should call and see if you can exchange it.
  7. Is it light beige? I am trying to decide between the chocolate brown, camel, and rose (medium pink).
  8. Here is a picture of Sandra I stole from the visual aids section (hope you don't mind!). She puts it on several different ways there and with different outfits. It's awesome!

  9. Yeah its the light beige....
  10. I know..she looks so good in it, she can wear it so well, actually its her pics in the Visual Aid that convinced me to get one... I think i need to play around with it more to get the hang of it..
    I was planning to get the black, but somehow the black doesnt look on me... and my pink was out of stock :sad:
  11. Too late for an exchange, i took it out to play around with and it got like 3 thread pull......... :cursing: thats how clumpsy i am........... :sad:. plus there is only 1 LV store in the whole Vietnam and they wont do exchange for items that i buy overseas...
    Thats the thing about VN, they have only one LV store,no other brand, and the price is like 10% more expensive (they are selling the shawl for 430$).. So everytime i go overseas for work, with so littile time to go shopping, i always have to make rush decision and regret later...