~*Having a purse crisis!! Should I get a Dentelle Ludlow (in silver)??*~

  1. Ack - I don't know what to do!! Help me out...

    ...because whilst browsing on louisvuitton.com before I found that the Dentelle Ludlow is available to buy in silver. I already have a Framboise Ludlow, which is my everyday purse, and so I know that the size isn't an issue. It's just whether I actually NEED another Ludlow...

    What would you guys do? Buy it, or leave it?
  2. Buy ittttt! Ludlows are so cute:smile:
  3. Buy it!
    you can always sell it later .
    but the Dentelle Ludlow is super pretty!
  4. I love it!

    I needed time to think which color one!!
    Both colors are nice.
    dentelle2.jpg dentelle3.jpg 0706L2.jpg
  5. I agree buy it. You can always sell it later if you change your mind.
  6. It's very pretty! I'd get it!
  7. Go for it.
  8. its very nice!! go for it!! but IMO the dentelle line was a bit commercial but still HOT BAGS!
  9. go for it.
  10. Very cute!!
  11. go for it.
    my mouse is hovering over the same thing right now!
  12. Get it!