Having a panic! Paddy Leather.....

  1. Oh I'm feeling so sad :crybaby:, is anyones Paddy doing the same? :confused1:

    I got out my beloved Muscade Paddy :heart:this evening and gave her a good once once. I noticed that the leather ridges(the raised bits that join the main section of the bag to the sides) is starting to fade on the bottom (looks pailer in colour) , looks dirty and also appears to be dry. I tried to take a pic but the light is too bad. I don't baby my bags but I certainly don't mistreat them. I've had my Paddy since April 07 (and have used it for alot of that time) I hope she won't get too much worse as I'll be frightened to use her and she is my favourite bag!

    The hard wear is in bad shape (even the Chloe plate has started to peel :s) but I think thats part and pacel of a paddy, but the leather????

    Had anyone else has this problem? Can I treat it? Please help, looking for some reassurance! :crybaby:
  2. If the metal part is in bad shape then the leather would def be effected. perhaps you should carry your paddy in a different way so that the sides are not rubbing too much. I had my paddy sent back for repair, can you do the same with yours?
  3. I think you just have to accept that when a bag has a lot of wear it will show. I also think bags look better with a bit of wear and tear. Unless its falling apart i wouldn't worry about it :flowers:
  4. I like that worn in rugged look too!!
    Just think- you are definitely getting your moneys worth!!
  5. It is never going to hurt a bag to take it out every once in a while and give it a good rub with leather conditioner. Especially if it is looking dry... or a bit grimy.

    I have some bags that are pristine and brand new looking and others that have seen better days...

    The nicest ones seem to only come out every once in a while if I am dressing up.

    The more worn ones are nice to have too - because I can take them pretty much anywhere and don't have to treat them special or be paranoid with them. It's nice to have a bag that can go to a soccer game or McDonald's. :p
  6. Is this an 07 bag or an 06?

    The hardware for 07 bags is supposed to be solid and should not chip as the 06 did.

    You can treat dryness with apple leather conditioner. It cleans and moisturises.
  7. I have the same fading/dryness problem with my muscade - I've seen many photos of this problem too. I wouldn't worry! Condition it if you want to, per Bellcherie's advice, but know that this fading happens and it's all ok.
  8. Ah thanks ladies, feel much better now. I just wanted some reassurance as my paddy is my beloved!

    bellacherie- Its the 07 hardware and I have found it awful, it started to chip after a month or so and has just gotten worse....I still love the bag though, I always realised that the hardware would wear, just wish it wasn't silver underneath, sigh. I had an 06 mini paddy and that started to chip after 2 weeks, so back it went.
  9. This is interesting because I had the 07 Muscade (I've only just this week sold it :crybaby:) and it was as perfect now as it was when I first got it. The hardware is pristine (new hardware) and there was no signs of fading at all. I did only use mine a few times though so maybe that's the difference :shrugs: But still, it showed no signs of fading or anything at all.......
  10. It sounds just like a wear issue, you could try a high-end leather oil, or if really bad possibly send back for repairs. I think the slighlty broken in look gives the bag more personality though, so would not worry too much.
  11. hmmmm, except for sable, my 05s haven't shown any wear.... my one 06 paddy hasn't shown any wear either. the only reason sable has shown some wear is because its a light colored bag but you can't really notice it unless you're looking for it. but dryness, I have yet to experience that.... maybe its the 07 quality of leather?