having a natural delivery / c-section?

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  1. i'm having c-section for my 1st baby. i was planning having natural birth at first, but unfortunately my baby's head is not in the right position and it was facing outwards and at that time i was 39 weeks pregnant, so i scheduled for c-section to delivered my baby. it was pain after but its all worthed. i gave birth to the healthy baby boy, and he weight 3.32 kg. well, noone ever not go through pain when they deliver their babies, rite?

    tell me what is your delivery stories.. its really interesting to hear
  2. I was glad that I got to give birth vaginally for the 1st time, with and epidural, however, I think I'm going to do it without medication next time :smile: I want to experience it both ways :yes: I want to avoid surgery if at all possible.
  3. addicted2chanel, you're so lucky, even by epidural.. maybe i will try to give birth vaginally next time for my 2nd baby (around another 3 yrs later hopefully hehehehe)
  4. I had a c section, delivering my twins (my second was lying breech so it was suggested a section might be safer for her). I found the whole process really easy, and completely without pain. My recovery was quick and painless too.

    The only unpleasant thing about the whole process was that, as I'd had a section at 39 weeks, rather than going into labour naturally, my milk didn't come through the way it does after labour. For the first few days of my daughters' lives I battled to breast feed them in hospital, with midwives coming in and milking me like a cow, to try to get my girls to latch on.

    After 3 days they had both lost more than 10% of their birth weight and none of the three of us had slept for more than an hours stretch, because they were starving and I was trying to soothe them, as well as express minute quantities of breast milk all day and all night.

    On day four DH suggested I should start giving them formula (I think he felt totally helpless because he could see I was close to breaking point). I felt like I was letting the girls down. In the UK there is massive 'breast is best' thinking.

    After making the decision to go to formula, however, the midwives led me to a cupboard full of little bottles of formula. OMG it was like Christmas. I had been expressing for the past 2 hours and had managed to get 20mls of milk, and now I was given free access to a cupboard stocked full of 100ml bottles. The girls drank their fill of the formula milk, and then both slept for 4 hours.

    I got a couple of hours sleep, tidied my hospital room and then got dressed for the first time in days. I felt like a new woman. I got home the next day.
  5. I hope you get to go all natural next time. I've done it twice (2 induced with epidural in the hospital, 2 natural at home) and there's nothing like that natural high afterwards! I feel like there's NOTHING I can't do now! You have to go into it prepared, and with support but it's an awesome experience.
  6. I had a natural birth, this sounds silly but although it is painful i loved it!
    I walked into hospital laughing & joking at 7cm's, 3 hours later I had my daughter.
    I only had alittle gas & air too. I was really lucky everything seem to progress naturally & quickly.
  7. I never had an "all-natural" birth because I was induced twice and had a planned c-section with my last. But given the choice, I would be the odd one out and choose a c-section again. But I hope you are able to have a VBAC and that everything goes well! The truly important thing is always the healthy baby, and not how the baby arrived.
  8. I was hoping for a vaginal birth too but my daughter was too big 4.2 kg (around 9 lbs) and they said I was too small (they took X-rays of my hips) and because my daughter was overdue they decided to go with a C-section. They did try to induce me but somehow it did not work, I wonder sometimes if they did it right but after the put the drugs on my IV and waited 12 hours there was no contractions at all. I wonder what happened, doctors dont have any reason to lie right?, they just want to get the babies out. It was a mess and I was very sad but at the end I just wanted the best for my baby.
  9. I was on bed rest (trying to stop the contractions bc my water broke super early) and they didn't want to check me for dilation to prevent infection... I was in labor for about 4 full days when the doctor finally checked to see how far I was dilated. She was horrifed to find out I was fully dilated (I was on this machine that was supposed to monitor my contractons, and none of them were supposedly big enough to warrant a dilation check).

    She screamed for a crew to come in, and then a dozen people were in the room. I pretty much only had the option for a natural birth, but it wasn't so bad at all. It was actually a relief compared to all of the contractions I was having over the past few days. (imagine having the urge to push like crazy, but having to hold it in for that long)

    @_@ I can't believe I'm going to have to go through delivery again. I hope this time won't be as bad.
  10. I had a natural delivery all three times. The 1st lasting 3 hours, I walked in fully dilated; the 2nd 2 hours, I walked in 7cm dilated and the 3rd 15 minutes. I was really lucky to have a good pregnancy and delivery. I guess that is why I was so wiling to have more after the first baby.
  11. o my.. u're so lucky, girl! 3rd one only 15 mins?? wowww...
  12. I had a vaginal birth with just gas and air - I asked for pethidine but it was too late - she was coming!! Okay I can't deny it hurt (!) but it wasn't as bad as i've been led to believe - perhaps it's just memory loss?!