Having a mono Speedy 25 AND a mono Speedy 30?

  1. I have been so conflicted...

    I have a monogram Speedy 25, I love it so much. I never like things that I see a lot of but it's just totally classic, it holds up so well, it's great for evening too as it's small and it works with everything I wear.

    But I would really like to get a mono Speedy 30-- I fell in love with the "Speedy sag" and plus it's bigger and I tend to go for the larger available sizes of a style in bags (except the Speedy as it seems).

    Anyone else have BOTH sizes in the -same- monogramed style? I'm afraid I won't use the 25 anymore if I get a 30, but I know I wouldn't be able to get rid of it because it's now sentimental, it's BEEN places, and I love it.

    It's something I really can't make my mind up on, but I would like the 30, and I do like the monogram so I don't think I'd want a Damier, for example...

    If you have both sizes in the same style, whether monogramed, Damier, or MiniLin, what do you use them for-- like do you use one size for running around and errands and the other for other specific occasions?

  2. If you love them both, then have both! Or, buy the other size in another collection (such as Damier, such makes a stunning Speedy!) If you do keep both monogram Speedies, just think of it this way: you'll be rotating between the two, so both will have longer lives.
  3. I personally wouldn't want a 25 and 30, just a little too similar.... Maybe get a 35?

    Or maybe wait and see if the Damier will grow on you? I used to think it was ugly, now I'm dying for an Azur!
  4. i think u can use both rotately...
    to go to some places, the 30 can seems too big so u can use the 25 :yes:
  5. I have both 25 and 30 in mono. I use both, but 25 more because I don't like carrying too much.

    25: Casual and evening
    30: Casual and travel.
  6. You said "I don't think I'd want a damier" so there might be a slight chance that you will ... how about going to a boutique and seing all the speedy's in different lines? Maybe if you played around with them a bit you might change your mind and one of them will grow on you? How about the multicolor or mini lin?
    After that, if you still want and LOVE the mono, then go for it! You have to be happy with what you have ... good luck!
  7. I asked the same question a couple weeks ago about a Damier 25 and 30...the problem with that, though, is that I think I'd neglect one after a while...I have a 25, but then if I found the 30 to be just as or more useful, I think I might stop using the 25 since they look so similar...what about a Mini Lin Speedy?
  8. If you like big bags and the sag, why not try the 35?:graucho: I've neglected my 25 and 30 recently because of it. Here's mine....
    speedy 35.JPG
  9. Solitude, I remember your post about loving the big bags! I love that on you! It did get me thinking about the 35! When I go I will definitely be trying out the 35. I am so set on the 30 but I am still so unsure and conflicted. It would be funny if I did get the 35. Maybe that would make the decision easier because the 25 and the 35 are SO different... hmmm...

    I do like the Damier and Mini Lin, I think they're really beautiful styles. I don't know if I like them enough to get personally. I feel like they would be easier to get once I warm up to them (I have this feeling I will!) but they are different from just the regular monogram. If I get those in the future though I do imagine getting a 30.

    I envision a Speedy collection now (lol) I have no problems with that, haha!
  10. ^^ Looks great, solitude!

    Yep I have a mono 25 and now really want a 30 but wonder if my poor 25 would get neglected. But if you want both, why not?
  11. Thanks;)!!

    Adore-- Cant wait to see what you get!!!:graucho:
  12. I have both sizes too. The 25 I use when I don't carry that much or for a short trip out. The 30 I use for day trips where I might need to carry more like a lunch or a sweater. I also use the 30 as a carry on purse because I dont like to pack my cosmetics and other toiletries in my suitcase. HTH.
  13. I just sold my 25 and got a 30. Seems more useful to me.
  14. You will just LOVE the 30!
  15. do you like any other designs? why not get a 30 in damier/damier azur/mini lin?