Having a moment...

  1. Gang I think I really want the Hudson GM...may ask for it for x-mas or money from different people to get it...I would also like the small strap...so it could be messenger style or shoulder bag...I think it looks really different and do not think it is too popular...any thoughts welcomed...I sooo love LV right now...withdrawl symptoms for sure
  2. I thought you were going to be on a ban?

    Step away from the LV catalog..... LOL
  3. I loved the look of this bag in the pics but when I went to see one IRL at LV they didn't have any in stock. I can't get to LV very often and I had soooo much stuff on my list that on my next visit I forgot to ask.:sweatdrop:
    I love that it's a shoulder bag though.
  4. Hey, wait a minute...I thought we just did a poll between the damier pap and the PH?!:shrugs:
    You are too funny :nuts:
    I'm only kidding you bc I am this fickle and change my mind DAILY on which bag I want. That's why I want and obsess over them forever before I buy anything bc tomorrow someone will be modelling some bag I never considered, and then, suddenly, I have to have that one.
    Think about it for awhile and get some feedback before you make your final decision.
    I have not seen this bag IRL, but it looks cute and confortable.
    Good luck!:yes:
  5. I love the Hudson GM myself -such a beautiful and elegant bag. Hope you get it.
  6. lvpug...its a beautiful bag! The only reserve I have is the buckle-close - sometimes I worry that it would be a pain to get in and out of.
  7. X-mas is coming and I have five LV bags on the brain...I am giving dh a list...meanwhile I have to pay off my cc...thanksgoodness for x-mas!!!! Must narrow down the choices or dh will be overwhelmed...
  8. The Hudson's such a great bag, though. :yahoo:
  9. LOL...I know, I have to do that...put down the catalog, don't go to elux or vuitton catalog...or my list grows and grows!
  10. Yes I am on a ban personally but, dh asked me, "what do you want for x-mas?'...he asked...and this is what I want do not know if I will get but, will try...beg as well....just cannot decide x-mas means one bag...I have five bags in mind right now...I am proud that I am on a ban and paying off the cc...sooo glad x-mas is coming and dh wants to make me happy...I hope...lol
  11. That's why I ask for the gift certificates. They are soooo easy. Then you can change your mind! LOL
  12. ^^ OFF TOPIC Warning...

    Crystal, you changed your hair! Looks terrific (although you looked great as a blonde too!) :smile:

    :back2topic: I think a lot of the LV ladies are looking forward to lovely bags from their DHs.
  13. Wow your hair looks great I did a double take at first I did not recognize you and I am like I know that name....the darker hair is very rich and mysterious...how are you adjusting...I am a blondie and went dark once and it was not me...it was too dramatic with my skin tone...you can pull it off...red would probably suit you as well...you are one of those people who can pull off different hair colours...very nice!!!!