Having a lot of trouble...

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  1. On deciding which bag to buy (oh and don't shoot me for my opinions of LV!):

    1. http://www.gucci.com/int/uk-english/...736_FHB1G_4165

    Gucci abbey blue script shoulder bag at the great sale price of $4130HK (about $543USD) (original $5900, about $776USD 30% off)


    2. http://www.eluxury.com/browse/produc... ctionID=6000

    Louis Vuitton Bowling Montaigne PM $1270 (I will need to save up for this though)

    I know that this is the Louis forum, so of course everyone would probably say LV! But I absolutely love both bags but cannot decide! The allure of the sale price is too great! And also, the Gucci bag will be gone soon, whereas the LV I can buy any time because it's the equivalent of a classic bag. Also, I'm not that much of a fan of LV's leather, it's hard and rigid, but unfortunately it's what makes it durable and I want to buy a bag that can last...

    However I am afraid of buying a fabric bag, because it might fray like my last Abbey. I've heard the epi is very durable and I also want to buy an all-leather bag, however the sale Gucci leather bags didn't really fit my needs and the ones I like are a bit out of my budget and are going to be gone soon (wave boston, peggy)! And also, I already have a bag and shoes from the cruise collection! I saw the fw collection in the boutique today actually, and unfortunately it wasn't really to my taste, however I'm sure there are more bags... Would the Gucci bag be useable during fall/winter or is it just good for spring summer? I definitely know the LV is good year-round though..

    Sorry for this ultra long post, but someone please help me out!! :sweatdrop: I have this neverending debate going on inside my head right now!
  2. I've always liked that LV piece.. it's very understated but still really glamourous.. :smile: My vote is LV! (of course)
  3. I think the Gucci that you like is only good for Spring and Summer. These bags are not even comparable...way too different...I am comparing apples and oranges! The LV bag you have selected is an entire different calliber of bag. The LV is also a "lifetime" bag...it will truly last a lifetime--not only will it be durable, but it will be just as stylish today as it will be in 75 years!
  4. I'm not very knowledgeable with the Gucci bags, but you might have answered your own question already...lol.

    Personally, from past experience, I don't like "fabric" bags too much -- too high maintenance for me.

    The Montaigne will be around a while and if you really like the Gucci, and it's going soon -- then get the Gucci. But if you are afraid of "fraying" then remember....you most likely can't get it replaced considering it will be discontinued.

    I'd say get the Montaigne...very structured, no vachette to maintain, very durable, good all year round, and yes $$$$ -- but worth the price.
  5. Montaigne! It will definitely last longer than fabric!
  6. I have the Abbey medium hobo in script and love that bag. But I also like the LV you are looking at(don't have that one yet).

    I think the Epi would be a bag you would probably use longer.
  7. Get the LV. Epi is as very durable and classic material. It will last you a very long time....
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies! I knew everyone would say the LV, however I still love the Gucci... Hmm... If I could get the Gucci now, and maybe not buy anything and get the LV later, I could manage since the epi line is fixed (?) It would be a very long wait though. Maybe it's just me, I can't miss out on a good deal you know! Besides there are no outlets or department stores which sell Gucci in Hong Kong, only in their boutiques, so no luck in getting more discount and past season Guccis rarely make appearances at the Gucci store (the only exceptions are the exotic crocodile or python bags)
  9. Get the bag that makes you the happiest! Good luck!
  10. :yes: Cant agree more .. get whatever make u the happiest !! Cos u are carrying it !!
  11. By reading your posts -- I think it sounds like you like the Gucci bag a little bit more. If so, go for it. I will say I do prefer the LV, but of course, it's your bag. And you're right -- this Gucci will be gone at some point and the LV epi one should be around quite awhile. Good luck deciding!
  12. bah. im seriously not being biased because i seriously love both LV and Gucci but i personally do not like that bag. T_T i say spend a little more money and get the LV which you could dress up or down for the bag. As for the gucci it's so casual. But thats just my opinion go for what would satisfy you more. >.<
  13. I tend to lean more to the understated classics so I will say the LV. I like Gucci too, don't get me wrong, but the epi Ivorie is stunning.
  14. another vote for LV
  15. I like LV piece