Having a Hippie Dippy Moment!!! (NEW BAG/PICS)

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  1. This bag is beyond gorgeous... and has taken the throne as my HG!!! (Loved my Ergos, but this bag has them beat).....

    Coach Parker Hippie... in Sky Blue..

    The Color, the Leather, the Size.... PERFECT... and it is NOT heavy in the least bit (I soooo HATE heavy bags)...

    I am head over heels IN LOVE...


    and note that I took off the hang tag and put on this one.. LOVE THIS COACH FOB...
    (I got this one off of a different MFF bag)

  2. Such a beautiful color!
  3. And I picked this Wristlet up at the Outlet yesterday... to go with her.. yeah, the Blue does not match, but I like it anyways...

  4. Cute, super cute!!
  5. Congrat's, Tammy....That is a Beautiful bag and the color is Gorgeous!!!! I love the wristlet too...That just goes to show that our HG bags do change...Mine did as soon as I seen my Poppy Patent Spotlight....:P
  6. Beautiful bag Tammy! That color is gorgeous and the fob you added is just perfect. Congrats!
  7. Where did you find this bag? I need it! lol
  8. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  9. Great style, AMAZING color! Congrats (love, love, love the hangtag you used!)!
  10. Awwww...she is a beauty alright!!! Congrats!!
  11. I LOVE it!! Is it the small or large size? I missed out on the Parker line and I've been wanting to get a leather hippie, but I can only find the leather ones in the large size...I don't know if they even came in the small size at all? I keep seeing the op art ones in small though. Anyway, that's such a beautiful blue and the fob is perfect with it!
  12. That is lovely!!! The color is so soft and pretty!
  13. She's gorgeous!
  14. Such a pretty shade of blue!
  15. Congrats on the new Sky Blue Hippie!!! Very Pretty!!!

    I love the wristlet too!!! The Key Fob looks great on her!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: