having a hard time

  1. i know i know i sound like a broken record but i am having a really really hard time deciding on which bag i want and thursday is almost here.i love the bleeker lrg flap but then again i am really starting to like the carly med sig in brown :drool: what a dellima any thoughts ladies:sad:
  2. I know it can be so tough when you just cant make up your mind. But for me on this one its super simple. I say Carly all the way.
  3. Arg. I'm so sorry for your dilemma.IMO, I perfer the brown carly, but honestly, it should be the one you find more funtional and pretty. It should be the one you love.
  4. The sig brown carly is very yummy. My friend got one and I just love it those large brown c's.
  5. go with the carly!!
  6. Another Carly vote.....I am not a bleecker fan though! Sorry!!!!
  7. I have a choc sig Carly but I love the Bleeker Flap. Depends on whether you want a longer drop or shorter one....
  8. thanks ladies you all are so helpful and so understanding.
  9. Have you had the opportunity to try on both bags and to put your things in both bags?? That is usually how I make my mind up. I can like two bags but when I try it on it seems to make a world of difference. Good luck with your decision!! I like both but if I could fit my stuff in the flap bag then I would get it in a heartbeat!
  10. i have tried the flap bag on and liked it but i have never tried a carly on wish i could just buy both lol.
  11. I love the carly!
  12. I vote for the Carly as well. Something about the Bleecker - I think its the strap length - one me anyway - made the bag feel rather "frumpy". Carly, however, is a really "sexy" bag!
  13. Keep in mind that some ladies have a hard time keeping the Carly strap on. I have a mild problem with this but tolerate it because I love the bag. I wish it had about another 1" in the strap....
  14. I guess it's up to you and you preference.. the strap length will be the biggest difference.. I am a shorter strap lover now that they have been in style for so long I find the longer straps harder to keep on my shoulder.. I vote Carly, either chocolate siggy or the chocolate leather, it is so yummy too! Good luck and let us know what you decide!!! :tup:
  15. Get the Bleecker ! Everybody and thier sister has a Carly, be different and get the newest style.