Having a hard time teaching my own child!!

  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to teach your own child? I'm a piano teacher and it's so difficult to teach her.

    Any suggestions? Or should I just not teach her and have someone teach her?

  2. let someone else teach her, if it is possible. they like having another adult give them praise/ instruction.
  3. Does she want to learn how to play the piano?
  4. I found it *really* hard to teach my son Math.
  5. I think every parent of a skill will tell you, a child does NOT want to learn these things from their parent. I don't know why, but it's complicated. First, kids know your buttons. Two, you probably have less patience because you know her too well.

    I don't know WHY it is that way, but it seems to be universal that a child with their parent teaching them math or an instrument or ANYTHING skill related will not behave as well as he/she would for another adult. It doesn't mean you aren't a good parent. It's just the way it goes. So, I would hire a piano teacher for her for sure and just help her with her practicing (without becoming the teacher again).
  6. I disagree. My daughter feels more comfortable learning to play guitar from her dad. It is something they could do together and spend quality time with each other. She loves it and brags to her friends!
    It also helps to be consistant, do the lessons on certains days at certain schedule. Just so it feels like a normal part of the day and he will get used to it. It also depends on the childs age.
  7. ^^It certainly depends on the parent. My SO remembers learning many things from his mother, and so do I. But both our mothers were very patient people. His mom is an elementary school teacher and my mom taught pre-school.

    I instruct undergraduates and I expect a lot from them in terms of applying themselves to their work. I find myself doing the same thing with my son - sometimes getting impatient when he does not pick up what I teach as quickly as I expect him do.
  8. It is very common for kids not to respond as well to their parent as a teacher. I could not get my son to properly hold a pencil and write his name, but as soon as he started preschool, he did beautifully with it.

    Of course, on other things I can teach my son better than anyone else. But there are often certain things that someone else can really help with, so don't feel bad about it. This is just one of those things where she might respond much better to a different teacher.

  9. I had the same problem with my son. I was able to teach him his colors, numbers, and alphabets but when it came time to write those things the wall appeared. Now after being in Pre-k for two months he can write his first and last name.

    Looking back I think I was able to teach him the other things because I made a game of it. But when it came to trying to teach him to write it was not fun for him nor me. Therefore he just refused to do it.