Having a hard time deciding

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm going today to get a new bag and I've narrowed it down to a mono stresa PM, BH/BV or and Odeon MM. What are your opions?
  2. :smile::smile::smile:Odeon MM;)
  3. Stresa!
  4. stresa !
  5. stresa
  6. odeon is a cute messenger look. The others try on and see what is most comfortable.
  7. Stresa if you're aiming for a shoulder bag and Odeon if you're aiming for a messenger. STRESA gets my vote! Have fun picking out your LV today and post pics soooooon.
  8. I was really leaning towards the Odeon because I thought it would be a good travelling bag. Can you fit alot of things inside ot is it pretty small? My husband thinks the stresa looks like an "old lady" bag. But I like it so I'm not sure what to do:confused1:
  9. My vote goes to the Stresa, just because it has character. But the Odeon does look like it could be a good travel bag and can carry a lot. Good luck deciding!
  10. Odeon!
  11. Out of your choices, I like BH best!
  12. Stresa!
  13. stresa!
  14. stresa takes my vote!
  15. I vote for stresa .......