Having a hard time deciding on 1st bbag...

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  1. I definitely want my first bag to be black. I don't have a black bag. Mostly brown because I have been collecting LV. I have been looking at bbags on diabro.net

    I can't decide between the city and the part-time. The only real difference I see is price. About $240. What am I missing? I checked the visual aids and they look very similar. They are both beautiful. :heart:

    Could someone please tell me the pro/ cons of each and what the differences are? Thanks. :yes:
  2. What I LOVE about the PT is the longer handles! It is also wider than the City. Both are great! I guess it just depends on how big a bag you need.
  3. oooh- get the PT - it's really not as gigantic as I orignally thought- I find it very "fitting"!
  4. Oh.... tough decision!! Either one would be fabulous in black!! It depends on what you're wanting to use it for & how much you carry with you... City carries essentials plus a bit more... PT carries more because of the width. I find the City is the perfect size for "day-to-day" use.

    Here's a picture of a PT next to a city so you can see the difference - hope this helps!! :tup:

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  5. ^ wow i love the blue one!!! it's soooooo nice!
  6. ^ Thank you!! Sorry, forgot to label - Sandstone PT on the left, Marine City on the right... So they are a similiar size, the PT is just a bit wider/longer and seems to be about an inch shorter then the City?? I could be wrong there. :P
  7. part time is wider than city, city is a better shape IMO, but PT can definitely carry more, and i believe the PT has longer shoulder strap too
  8. Ladies, you know me... PT all the way :yes:
  9. i personally prefer the city