having a CRISIS...

  1. okay well, let me get to the point...I am always in the LV forum..I have like 20 LV's..and recently have been hanging in the B forum and looking at BBags on eBay, and i dont know what to do!!!!! when i look at my LV's they arent asssssssssss appealing as they used to be!!!!! and I thought they were the greatest things alive..so now im getting the urge to sell some of the LV's that I can do without and buy a load of BBags, but then im worried like since my love for LV has been replaced by Balenciaga.....will this happen to me AGAIN and something else will replace my love for B????? what do I do??? just keep my LV's and buy bbags? I bought my FIRST Balenciaga peice which is a 08magenta gsh zip wallet as a starter peice..but i cant stop thinking about just getting 25 more bags!!!...what do i do about this?
  2. I fall in and out of love with different designer bags too. Once I have moved on I never purchased one of the others again - It would have to be AMAZING to get me back. I have never sold any of my bags though. I hope that my daughters might enoy them someday - I have about 50!

    Here is a list of my phases
    1. Gucci
    2. LV
    3. Marc Jacobs
    4. Jimmy Choo
    5. Balenciaga
    waiting for the Chanel that knocks my socks off!;)
  3. I think you should indulge the Bal obsession for awhile :graucho:!! I have always loved fashion, bags, shoes, etc. and am a fan of many other designers, but nothing has ever hit me like Bal!!! I know that the lust may eventually fade over the years, but I really can't imagine "moving on" to something else - not that I plan to always be entirely faithful to Bal, as I do still love Celine, Chloe, etc. but overall nothing really compares to Bal!!!
  4. ^^ go ahead & give into temptation girl!!! :graucho:...but understand that b-bag love is unlike all others...i've tried just about every designer bag on the planet & nothing does it for me like my bals...and even while going thru my chanel, chloe & gucci phases, b-bags were still where my :heart: was...i've sold almost every other bag i own now, after realizing nothing compares to them for me...they're what has held my interest & passion over time...and they're what i reach for everyday, while any other bag would be a 2nd thought...they're effortlessly chic, stylish & classic & suit my lifestyle perfectly...i'd advise dipping into the pool slowly with your 1st b-bag & taking it from there...don't sell any of your beloved LV's, because you don't want to regret it later...please keep us posted on your new obsession!!! :wlae:
  5. I am also a big fan of some other designers, and have a closet full of bags, but since I started collecting Bbags, they are my absolute favorite. I have tried moving on to some others, but I cannot shake my obsession for Bbags!
  6. That's what happened to Twiggers, she sold off her whole LV collection for bbags!!! I too have been in the LV forum when I first discovered the Purse Forum but lately I find myself lusting after the bbags! I do still want one more LV, the classic monogram speedy 30, and maybe one more wallet but then I'm all set with LV-my love for LV has diminished. I've been saving up for my one big splurge on a bbag and I'm just waiting to hear from AR-The waiting is killing me!!! :sweatdrop:
  7. Welcome to the obsession! I'm an LV girl as well, will always keep some of my classic bags and definately use them, but Bal is really something special. The colors, the leather...I'd say at least get a bag and see how you feel. You have tons of LV so you can add to your quality handbags with a new desigher; Balenciaga. If you decide you could do without some LV pieces as time goes on, then sell those pieces. Bal is addicting!!
  8. Take your time feeding the obsession...each designer presents a little somethig different for your lifestyle. I used to be all about Louis Vuitton but I have now branched out to Hermès for pieces to last me a lifetime and Balenciaga to add add some fun. So jus make sure that you feel things out and most of all ENJOY!!!
  9. I wouldn't sell any of your bags unless you were planning on selling them anyway & didn't use it much. I was always a Gucci gal, but just now got my first LV Berkeley & now really want a Balenciaga City bag. :yes:
  10. I can't imagine not liking Balenciaga anymore.. there just isn't anything that compares.
  11. Well, I guess I am in the same boat ! I started my wife's and daughter's handbag collection with Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Chanel and lots and lots of LVs. Then my sister said something to me that struck a chord: if you are going to spend all that money on canvas why not consider all leather that is colorful and soft like Balenciaga. Well, now my wife and daughter have a dozen bbags to share. Last christmas they were expecting the usual LV present but I surprised them with Bottega and Nancy Gonzales ! The bbags, though, are their favorite. I never thought I would look at any other bags for them other than LV but changes in taste do take place.
  12. I found the tpf because of lv, as well. I bought three pieces and had a wish list for a lot more.
    I've sold off one and am keeping my speedy 30 and a zippy wallet. I think I'm done w/LV because what I love about bbags is they're all different and unique.
    My speedy is identical to every other speedy out there...and it's canvas!! (I still love it!) I love that w/bbags you're paying for a gorgeous leather, that can look different than someone else's w/the same color, style and year...but equally gorgeous. And the colors....yum!

    My advice, sell off those 'implulse' buys...those lv bags you can't imagine not having and buy a few bbags. you might head to a different designer and you can sell off something else if/when that time comes!
    What fun!
  13. I try to buy bags because I like them, not because of the designer. I have Guccis, Chanel, Bals, etc...but all different.

    Try some Bals, but you don't have to give up the LVs, if you don't want to.
  14. i love hearing your stories! im not alone! yesss...well I will let you know when I get my first bag, for now im waiting for my wallet to arrive and will be sureeeee to show it off when it does! :heart:33
  15. When I first logged on to TPF like you i have a lot of LV still do, but you know what bag I grab to go out? that's right BBAG!! I have 2 and looking for about 5 more, no kidding.
    they do not call it the dark side for nothing:graucho: