Having a bad week...

  1. Okay, I need a place to just whine and get this out. Feel free to ignore me and just let me wallow in my own self pity. ;)

    I'm having one of those weeks, and you know the kind I'm talking about. Nothing is going right, it's just one thing after another. Maybe I'll just list some things...

    * one of my dog's allergies took a turn for the worse, so she was going crazy and chewing at her skin, kept me up most of Sunday night... took her to the vet and things are looking up, but we were both pretty miserable for a few days

    * it was a struggle to finalize my loan, so I was pretty stressed about getting my tuition paid... the money went in my account only a couple of hours before I had to pay it, talk about stress!

    * my dog rolled in something under the porch (boy was I mad at her!), had to give her a bath at midnight, even though I had just given her a bath a few hours prior (and she doesn't like baths! but the vet gave us a special medicated shampoo that I have to use for her skin), so when I was hoping to be asleep I was struggling with the dog in the bathtub

    * 3am, two nights ago (shortly after falling asleep after the dog bath fiasco)... smoke detector started going off (low batteries), I was half asleep while I tried to turn it off, tried standing on the coffee table to take it down, table went out from under me and I fell, scraped my leg and slit my finger open, my favorite coffee mug broke and coffee got all over my school papers and the carpet, huge mess to clean up... then my allergies kept me awake so I hardly slept that night, either

    * yesterday our internet stopped working, spent awhile on the phone with tech support, had to exchange my modem, went to exchange it a little after 1pm, only to find they were closed for lunch from 1-2pm... finally got home with the new modem and couldn't get it to work, so all in all it took about 3 hours to get my internet back

    * started my period today, am in a lot pain, am missing work (without pay) but I absolutely have to go to my afternoon class, just want to stay curled up on the couch all day

    * my boyfriend is out of town for training for work, I miss him and could really use his help this week... then I find out he's going to be gone for two extra days because he's going to a baseball game with my uncles, so I have to wait even longer to see him, and it sucks because he's out of town AGAIN next week

    etc etc etc.

    That's just some of it. I'm leaving one major thing out because it's too personal, but let's just say it was stressful. It feels like one thing after another. I need a vacation!

    Sorry to be whiny, I know these are minor problems in the grand scheme of things and I probably sound selfish, but I just need a break! I am tired and haven't been feeling well. I've missed two of my three classes and both my work shifts this week for various reasons (vet appointment, being sick, etc), meaning I have to make up some hours on Friday (one of my days off) and I'll still be short on my work hours. I'm thinking this weekend I'm going to splurge on a pedicure or massage and do some retail therapy! haha. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Hang in there! I hope it gets better soon. I HATE having weeks like that. :flowers: Hope next week will be better!
  3. Oh wow, I'm soo sorry! Sending you, big, big hugs! Everything will get better!
  4. Honey, whine all you want! that's what we're here for! it sounds like a really crappy week to me. I'm thinking you definitely need a pick-me-up whether it's retail therapy or like you said, a pedicure.
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  6. Thanks everyone. And bagnshoo, thanks for the goods! I think when I get home from class I'm going have a glass of wine (or five) and some more of the german chocolate cake I baked last night. :graucho:
  7. cake. good.
  8. I'm sorry you're not having a good week.....but this is the place to come to feel better!!! I hope you are doing a little better today! We are here for ya!

  9. :love:
  10. And..........now you've made me hungry for cake.......not good for the whole weight losing thing....enjoy it for me!
  11. Aww, sorry LAltiero! I'm supposed to be on a diet, too. Oops! I just don't care this week. I've probably burned enough calories from stress to make up for it. Once I get through this week I'll refocus, haha.
  12. Yeah, screw it, I'm making a cake tonight too!!
  13. Just make the less fat version with unsweetened applesauce. Then it'll be okay. Yes, I can justify anything.

    I'm going to take a nice, HOT shower. And one of my Hayden-Harnett orders is due to arrive today, so hopefully that will lift my spirits. Should be here when I return from class.
  14. Hope things look up for you...hang in there!
  15. Oh, I hope things turn around for you soon! I'm busy wallowing in my own self pity, so I know how you feel :smile: Enjoy your cake/pedicure/retail therapy :smile: