having a bad online shopping week.

  1. Well, I got my Natural Ali and it has that stupid ES stamp and I'm dealing with the seller and trying to get a refund.. and I ordered some of the apple leather care and rain and stain repellent and got my box yesterday and the apple care wasn't there:cursing: It's on the invoice but not in the box. Just my luck I guess! I wanted to put this on all my new legacy stuff!!!

    So, I can't get to them until after Christmas.. so let's hope I get my Apple Leather Care!

    I think I am done with online shopping for a while.. I just bought some more barrett sneakers in the tattersall print last night :s I am going to go broke buying online. I am putting myself on an online shopping ban!

    Thanks for listening to my rant ladies :heart:
  2. Yuck, i hate it when that happens. Nothing like waiting patiently for your purchase and having it arrive wrong. GRRRR!
  3. ES stamp? What is that and how does it affect a bag?
  4. Well the seller says it means employee sale. Coach was called and They say that it is considered a final sale. I am returning it because the seller didn't disclose the final sale status of the bag.
  5. What does this mean > stupid ES stamp

  6. I posted about it above your post :smile:
  7. So what does that have to do with the bag? I mean you didnt plan on returning it to coach correct ?
  8. If the turn lock breaks on the bag she wouldnt be able to get it fixed threw Coach.
  9. ^^ thank you
  10. youre welcome
  11. I didn't know myself that ES stamped bags weren't able to be repaired by Coach either. I learned something new. :tup:
  12. I feel you on the online shopping thing. It's such a bigger hassle to return things online than in the store, but I love online shopping because it's just so easy to do from home! I am on a shopping ban for 6 months starting on Jan. 1...you should go to the Money Talks thread if you want Shopping Ban support!
  13. did you guys just notice that there is a youtube icon when u post? what is that for?
  14. I think it is for embedding YouTube videos in your post?
  15. When I saw your post a little while ago it just came up as a big white box in your post with no text or pictures. It was weird.