Having a Bad Day...went to coach and I am all smiles!!!

  1. It's just been one of those days and to top it off hubby and I had a little fight...he really is the sweetest, kindest, most generous man in the world. Oh and he is soooo FUNNYYY!!! Makes me laugh all the time. We never fight but he really upset me today.
    He works late so I met him for dinner and everything is ok now.

    I was still feeling a little down so I went by the coach store and came home with goodies!!! I am so excited as I recently had to sell some of my bags on eBay due to a bad back. I bought the Bleecker Signature Small Flap Hobo in Black and the Medium Black Signature Carly. The SA was so nice. I didn't have a PCE or Discount card but she was kind enough to give it to me anyway. The Bleecker Signature was already marked down to $168.00. Amazing.

    Hubby mentioned he has yet to buy me a Christmas gift (he is the last min shopper type) so I bet he will agree to give me Carly for Christmas. She is in a gift box just in case.

    Keeping my fingers crossed...
  2. What a great way to lift a bad mood! LOL! Can I ask a huge favor? Can you take modeling pics with the bleecker? Or let me know how it fits on your shoulder???? I am selling my large flap and have seriously considered replacing it with this bag since it's the same type of look only smaller. The large flap (I have it in chocolate) hurt my shoulder and I think it was the length of the strap that was the problem for me. I don't mind small bags, I carry a Carly top handle pouch around right now since I don't have far to wander from home during winter! Sorry to ramble, I'm just so curious about this bag and the price is awesome!
  3. I was a little upset hubby was ignoring me today for Bball and Football, so I went shopping and ate at a Melting Pot alone. It was fun.

    BTW- I stopped in at Coach and did you know the Elisa is coming back out in 4 more colors? The walnut is discontinued, but the new colors are Natural, Navy, Geranium, and Camel.

    Glad you got yourself some goodies!
  4. Shopping is definitely the best mood lifter!

    LOL whenever I am feel down, I go shopping, even if I am don't have time to go to the Coach stores.

    Congrats on your new bags! I hope you get some more goodies for the holidays!

    Post your pics when you get a chance.

    LOL I have to post my collection one of these days! I am in medical school so I hardly have time for stuff, but now that I am on break (finally I got out yesterday) I will try and post my collection!
  5. Congrats, shopping is the best therapy after all! Glad you and DH are okay...great purchases, too!
  6. Congratulations, glad things are back to good with you & DH, I love retail therapy- great choices!
  7. great purchases! we have the same carly
  8. A little retail therapy goes a long way! Happy to hear the you and DH made up...enjoy your purchases!
  9. Yea I was out shopping with the parents and I became grumpy for some stupid reason. I walked into coach and it all became better, esp when the wrapped my 2 little boxes so nicely!
  10. Glad you're feeling better and you and hubby are good. Coach can definitely lift your spirits! :yes: Great choice in purchases! I just got the medium black sig Carly myself and can't stop wearing it!
  11. I am so glad that you had fun shopping and dining.
    That is great news about the Elisa coming in new colors. That is a great bag.
    What about the Felicia? Is that coming in new colors as well? thanks, Liz
  12. I go out by myself sometimes too, when I need a break from my DH! :upsidedown:

    Navy Elisa? Yum!!! :nuts:
  13. Retail therapy, that's what I need right now. Sorry you were having a bad day, but Yah! that you are having a better one now.

    I'm stuck in our basement in the "Home Theater" reloading the 400 disc DVD carousel. It's so boring and takes FOREVER to do. Luckily, since the carousel takes forever between discs, I have time to surf tPF! I'm just glad that I'm up to the S's so I'm almost done. Yah!
  14. When I read the title of the thread I thoughy "of course you're all smiles!!". GLad you got some happy!!
  15. My husband PISSED me off today!!! :cursing: Luckily for me (and him) when I get MAD I clean the house instead of shopping. I don't know why I do this but I ended up cleaning the entire bathroom including the tub, tiles, and shower doors (which I hate to do), 2 loads of laundry and vacuumed the entire house. After that he tells me I should get mad more often. :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing: