Having a bad bag day!!!!!

  1. Awwww the last couple of days have sucked (bag-wise).

    First I got a letter from customs telling me they've seized a bag I've just bought which was making it's way to me from the US, and they've estimated it will take a month to get to me due to the time needed to process forms & tax payments :sad:. Oh and lets not forget the extra duty fees & 10% tax I'll have to pay :cursing:.

    And THEN I wake up this morning to find out that a bag I had sold on eBay wasn't sold at all - the buyer had sent me a sob story about why they couldn't go through with the payment :cursing:.

    So all in all, I'm having a bad bag day and just felt like whingeing & sharing.:smile:
  2. I'm sorry!
  3. Yikes! Why is it that bad things come in packs!!! Not good. I feel your pain!
  4. aww its ok..things will get better!
  5. Let's try to look on the bright side ok? You have one fabulous bag that you'll get very soon AND...you'll probably get a better price on the other bag the next time you list it!! OK, I know it sucks but it'll get better!
  6. I heard from other tPFers that Australia custom is very strict also slow. I am so sorry.

  7. Love your positive attitude!

    So sorry that you have had a bad day. I'm sure tomorrow will be better!
  8. Well said!!! Thanks for the morale-boosting everyone!

    Lol I'm currently drafting an angry letter to customs in my head.......:graucho:
  9. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you, but at least your bag isn't being held indefinately and will me on it's way to you soon...think of it as a delayed present :smile: