Having a baby shower, but HATE those "guess what candybar's in the diaper" games!

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  1. I've always had a huge dislike for baby showers. Baby showers and all the cheesiness that goes along with them. ick.:yucky: I don't mean to offend anyone, but as a happily single party girl, having to be subjected to these events (and usually on a precious Saturday to boot) and the inevitable "when are you getting Married, having a Baby, settle down..." just sucks.
    Well of course now i'm one of those happily married, settled down, having a baby people! I'm also very lucky to have people in my life that want to throw me a baby shower. But all my friends are single party girls - and they all hate baby showers too! So, my question is, who has some ideas for a non-traditional baby shower with none of the cheesy games, but can still fun for everyone?:shrugs: Luckily, I really don't have older grandmothers or aunts that will be disappointed if everyone doesn't try to have to guess the size of my ever expanding tummy, guess the baby food, etc. I just want a party!:yahoo:
  2. Then just have some fun games (don't have to be baby-shower related), some drinks, great food and lots of laughter!
  3. /\/\ I agree. I have ALWAYS hated the cheesy baby shower games (ex. taste and guess the baby food - BLAH!) and the passing of baby shower gifts as you "ohh and ahh", so kudos to you for wanting to do something different.

    Who says you have to have games? I would still have a party with food, drinks, and music (I've never been to one with music, but hey - it is a party lol). I would maybe set aside a few minutes where the hostess could say a few words about you, the new baby and then you could say a few words as well but honestly, if you're not into games, I wouldn't have them.
  4. ^ totally, if you don't want to have stupid shower games, then by all means don't. Do the things you want to do, not what seems like something people do at a shower, and it will be fun. :smile:
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    If you don't want the stupid games, don't have the stupid games.

    Although an idea would be to fill a glass piggy bank or a baby-related jar (baby bootie, rattle and so forth) with pink, blue and white candies.

    Have the guests guess the number and the closest one wins the candies.

    But if you're serious about no games, then don't have games.
  6. I'm not a big fan of the traditional baby showers either so I totally understand. Maybe you can just have a girls night kind of celebration - delicious drinks (no martinis for you of course!), yummy food, and great music. You need to celebrate this milestone and what better way than to party, right? You can do it at your house or a friend's place or you can even get your girlfriends together and go out to a fun restaurant/bar.

    Congrats on having a baby!! And keep us posted on what you end up doing.
  7. I feel the same exact way! I'm very anti-cutesy shower games! Instead of a traditional baby shower, my girlfriends took me to have afternoon tea at a ritzy hotel. But my husband wanted to be celebrated, too, so we also had a co-ed baby shower at our place...thrown by friends. No games, nothing foofy. Just good food, and the only activity was for each guest to write a message to our baby-to-be, which we later put into a memory book. Now that our kids are 5 1/2 and 4, it's fun to look through that book from time to time, to see what our friends wrote to us 6+ years ago. :smile:
  8. I agree with disliking the cheesy baby shower games. My cousin had a baby and we didn't want to plan those games so we bought onesies for every one and all different types of markers, paints, glitter, and other art supplies and decorated them. We had food and drinks through out the decorating time and when we were finished the host made categories for the onesies. Her categories were most colorful, most creative, most related to the mom (for instance decorated in the college theme the mom went to, or pictures of what she does for a living, etc.), and there were a few more categories but I can't remember. It ended up being tons of fun and not annoying like th e other baby shower games. The mom took home all the onesies and plans on her son wearing a few of them.

    I made the one with the trains and my aunt made the animal one.

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  9. I totally agree; if you don't want a traditional baby shower, then do not have one! This is about YOU and your baby, not about what other people think you should do. When I was pregnant with my first, my dh's family held a traditional baby shower. It was a nice gesture, but it wasn't my style at all. The friends who knew me took me out to brunch and then we went shoe shopping!

    I think the idea of having friends write a message to the new baby is a sweet idea, though. I like that!
  10. You could have a stripper, a la ex-Spice Girl Melanie B!! Imagine explaining those photos to your kid in a few years!
  11. haha!! I'm laughing because I was the winner of the candybar in the diaper game at the last baby shower I attended.:shame:

    Don't have any suggestions, but I hope you enjoy your shower.
  12. I always seem to win the cheesy games...then get mad when I have to give my prize over to the mom. Uh, I can think of lots of uses for a diaper genie refill!
  13. I don't have any great ideas, but I just wanted to say to make sure to do what YOU want. Your friends may be throwing you the party, but you have say in what you want to go on/not go on. I feel the same way about bridal showers and bachelorette parties, it is totally up to you!

    Make the day yours - you can keep out ALL the games that you do not like! Congrats on the pregnancy :smile:
  14. Thank you everybody for the input! I was really feeling a bit of a "bad" person becuase I didn't want the games. It's been nice to read that other people think it's just fine if we don't play them!
    HauteMama, xi_captain & caitlin1214: I think I might combine your ideas and go to a resturant with great food, maybe brunch? And use the candied-filled guessing pieces as centerpieces??
  15. Haha...I've never heard of that game...don't like the sound of it. What about getting rid of all of the games all together? The last few showers (both wedding and baby) I've been to have had no games, just eat, talk, open presents, done, boom!