Having 3 of the same bag?

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  1. Hello TPF! I need opinions on my latest purchase. Last week after much stalking I was finally able to purchase a favorite in the azur print. It has arrived and I do love it but I’m questioning is it crazy to have it all 3 prints? I already own the mono and the Ebene. I feel like I just want to have it because it’s hard to get? Am I crazy lol
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  2. Why would that be crazy? If you love it, want it, and can afford it, then I don’t see the problem. Is there a reason you feel guilty enough about this purchase to post on TPF?
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  3. It's not crazy imo, the azur print is such a different vibe to monogram and ebene. It's a really good print for spring and summer!
    However if you only want it because it's hard to get and not because you'll use it then I'd return it.
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  4. You should own something because you love the piece so much that you want to wear it with all different outfits or some practical reason. Unless of course you just love all 3 prints and don’t want to have to decide. Why would you purchase something just because LV is creating the illusion that it’s hard to get? It doesn’t make you crazy, just impractical and a bit pretentious.
  5. No, I think if that's the bag you like then keep it and enjoy it. Tons of people have the Neverfull in all 3 canvas types..
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  6. No it’s not crazy.
    They are 3 different bags imho.

    It’s not a any more crazy than buying the same shirt in 3 different colours.
  7. It is not crazy if you love it and can truly afford it!
  8. I wanted to get opinions if people do actually have the same bag in 3 prints. I am very fortunate that yes I am able to afford it. I think I’m going to keep it and it will be my summer bag. I have 2 schooled aged kids and it’s an awesome bag to throw on and go. Thanks everyone!
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  9. I don't have the same bag in 3 prints, but I do have the alma bb in 3 different vernis colours :nuts:
    If you love a bag then it's great to be able to purchase it in all of the prints for different occasions!
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  10. This is actually pretty common, particularly with the speedy. I don't think it's crazy, but it sounds like you got azur because it was hard to come by, not necessarily because you really wanted or needed it. So I'd say as long as you really want it and will get good use out of it, keep it!
  11. Definitely not crazy ! I hope not because I have a few bags all in the same print lol .. speedy B 25 and same 35 in De ..2 different styled hobos in DE the delightful an Duomo hobo ‍♀️.. and thinking of adding a Neverfull in DE I also have a graceful in Azur .. nothing wrong in my opinion!! Enjoy your bag
  12. I have the Speedy in all 3 canvas prints. Not crazy at all if you have the means (and lifestyle) to warrant them, IMO. Your time and money!
  13. Not crazy, no different than people having their favorite shoes in different colors!
  14. Not crazy at all. I have multiples of a couple bag types and I think it’s more common than you would believe
  15. I have the NF MM in three prints - I use them all.
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