Having 2nd thoughts on agenda?? What will I use it for?

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  1. Ugh I hate it when the conservative side of my Brain kicks in! I'm having second thoughts about the black and white MC agendas that I ordered! I wanted a notebook to jot notes and such in. I am a heavy blackberry user (calendar, to do list, and address not so much memo pad) and will not be using the agenda as a "planner/agenda." I was thinking that I could just pick up one of those nice moleskine notebooks and save the money:shrugs:

    Give me some more ideas on how I can use the agenda....
    Also give me some reasons why I need an LV agenda and not a moleskine notebook....

  2. Because pretty things make you feel good.:yes::yes::yes:
  3. Because it's LV!! I'm planning on getting the Black MC in small with diary calender and notes...I love how the patina looks against the Black!! Such beautiful quality - the only thing that makes me think twice is the MC wearing off, as I have seen this happen, no idea how long it takes to do that though.
  4. I'll say it....save your money. I actually bought an agenda and then promptly sold it (within 3-months) on ebay (for a loss). Considering what they cost and what you could buy for the same money I would probably pick a different accessory. Key chain, scarf or even sunglasses. Sorry.
  5. Agreed! If you're already having doubts, you should just get a Moleskine (love them!) and spend your hard earned money on something that will get you excited!
  6. ^^ all you rational people lol... here I was thinking I had my mind made up!
  7. Let me be the voice of reason here, lol. (kidding).

    I love my black Suhali agenda, I use it as a wallet, it helps to keep track of all my appointments, (I practically live out of that thing) lol.

    It is great to jot down things while waiting between appointments, it is very classy and could be carried on its own. I can't imagine not having it :smile:

    I too have the blackberry type of phone and have never used it to keep track of anything, I'm techno challenged.

    Good luck with your decision, I hope this helps.
  8. Have to say I dont use mine.

    Purchased the vernis agenda in pomme just to have one but hardly used it and actually did not buy replacement diary for this year.

    Love it but dont use it.
  9. i live out of my groom agenda. but, i also use it as a wallet a bit, and i love to write things down, i am not a blackberry girl. so, i love mine, would never give it up, and thats that!~
  10. I picked up a Small Mono Agenda a few years ago and love it! I use it nonstop as a wallet. I keep 6 cards in the card slots on the inside cover. 5 are credit/debit cards that I use the most and my Driver's License. Plus, I am always jotting down notes or collecting post its. Those get thrown in there until they can be set up as reminders in my phone. Receipts also get placed in their until they can be shredded appropriately. Many people pick up FiloFax inserts and are able to add change holders, etc. It really is a functional piece and not limited to being an agenda. You picked out gorgeous MC ones and once they arrive I am sure you will have a difficult time parting with them. How stylish to be able to take notes in your MC Agenda. :tup:
  11. I carry my PM agenda everyday, but sadly I do not use it as much as I wish to. I love it so much that's why I bought it... and only take it out to write weekly schedules because I don't want to neglect it. :sweatdrop:
  12. I actually bought a cheap agenda as a "trial run" to determine if I needed an LV one. Now it's becoming clear that I do - and all of the vernis ones are sold out! I find that an agenda is useful for carrying around bits of paper and post-its that I collect, because it's small enough to fit in my purse every day. I also make notes, grocery lists and list appointments in there. I plan to have a larger agenda for school assignments and such, but this large agenda won't fit in all of my bags. I also like how the LV one has slots for business cards or even ID/credit cards.
  13. Can an agenda hold a PDA?

    It would be great it they made a way of your PDA being able to sit inside it. I'm not sure if that has been done by anyone here or it is available??
  14. I can't decide whether to purchase one or not, so I'm loving this thread! LVLover, if you're unsure, why don't you test drive one, and then go and repurchase the other when you're sure you'll make use of it?
  15. I love mine and use it everyday. Keeps me organized. Granted I do not have the blackberry or anything liek that, just a razr, but I could not live without my agenda. Some people use it as a wallet and an agenda. I have some cards in mine and I keep receipts in there, but I do have another wallet that I carry also.