Having 2nd thoughts about Iris Birkin...

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  1. I have a 30cm togo PHW birkin coming and since seeing the pictures of Khole Kardashian in the stars thread I'm having 2nd thoughts. I'm not sure about the color is it really that bright or is it the lighting of those photos? It just looks out of place to me in these photos. I wear navy,cream/white,black, gray and a base and if I feel like color it is likely purple, green, or pink (light pink). I wasn't blown away by the Iris paired with black or gray in those photos! I'm just doubting that I'm going to love this color incorporated into my wardrobe. I love purple, however I want a purple that can work with everything (or most of) I wear because my birkin rotation is monthly so I switch my bag once per month.

    For those that have and iris bag will you pretty please post some action/modeling pics?

    Does anyone know if iris comes in a bearn wallet? Maybe I'd get that instead as I really love the color just not sure I'll love it as a bag.
  2. I was offered an iris Birkin but refused it as I'm feeling it's too bright for me. I think the color is beautiful...just not on me.
  3. i saw it in real....yes, it is quite bright.
  4. Closing this as there is already another thread on the main forum. Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.