Having 2nd thoughts about Iris birkin...Please help/advise:)

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  1. I have a 30cm togo PHW birkin coming and since seeing the pictures of Khole Kardashian in the stars thread I'm having 2nd thoughts. I'm not sure about the color is it really that bright or is it the lighting of those photos? It just looks out of place to me in these photos. I wear navy,cream/white,black, gray and a base and if I feel like color it is likely purple, green, or pink (light pink). I wasn't blown away by the Iris paired with black or gray in those photos! I'm just doubting that I'm going to love this color incorporated into my wardrobe. I love purple, however I want a purple that can work with everything (or most of) I wear because my birkin rotation is monthly so I switch my bag once per month.

    For those that have and iris bag will you pretty please post some action/modeling pics?

    Does anyone know if iris comes in a bearn wallet? Maybe I'd get that instead as I really love the color just not sure I'll love it as a bag.
  2. LVLover, I was admiring the pics of the Iris Togo Birkin posted by some other TPFers like Wintotty and the colour doesn't look too bright at all.

    I think Iris in Togo is significantly less brighter than in Clemence. In fact, I found this evident even in the small leather swatches I got to compare at the H Store.
    I think Khloe's Birkin is in Clemence and the Yellow tone of the GHW clashes with (or should I say "stands out" more against) Greys/Neutrals. If your Birkin is in PHW and Togo, I hardly think it will look similar to hers at all...It would be probably be a more subtle and cooler colour combo!

    I have a dark purple Chanel and I love it with Taupes, Greys and Navy, so I'd stick to Iris if I were in your shoes, it's such a beautiful colour!
  3. Best color of this season...Go For It...
  4. Best color for this season...Go For It...
  5. I would love to have the Iris Birkin......enjoy!! It's so beautiful :cloud9:
  6. Thanks for the advice ladies (and gents if ur here) however I must add one piece of info that maybe needed-

    I have a great collection of birkins currently and I'd only like to add classic timeless colors..is this iris? Can an 80 year old carry a bag in this color?

    Carry on :smile:
  7. Oh I think iris with PH is GORGEOUS!!! Go for it!

    And I think purple is a wonderful colour! I don't have a Birkin yet but I have a purple Gerard Darel, and it is almost like iris (I compared it with an iris belt in the H store) - it is so versatile and goes with everything! I've also had it for three years now and it's the only bag I wear (until I get my Birkin that is!)
  8. It's a gorgeous, yummy color but it is "in your face" .. KWIM? So if you like bright colors that are very noticeable, then this is a great color for you. If you prefer more subdued or subtle colors then I am not sure you'll be happy with this color.

    Yes an 80-year-old can carry the color .. think Joan Rivers, for example .. not quite 80 but close.
  9. ITA with Kallie Girl. Iris is gorgeous (I have a Ulysses agenda in this color) but it is definitely bright. As beautiful as it is, it isn't subtle---nor do I believe it will become a "classic" H color (like raisin). JMHO.
  10. I am going to go against the grain here and offer an opinion that for the average 80-yr old, H-bag-carrying woman, that iris would not necessarily fall into the top 5 timeless colors. (Yes, Joan Rivers could definitely pull it off.)
    ETA: just re-read the above posts and it sound like I am in agreement....
  11. Hi, saw your PM........sorry I don't have any modeling pics but I'll try to take some tomorrow. I REALLY LOVE the iris with PHW. In those pictures of Khloe, it looks super bright and neon-like.....mine doesn't look like it at all. It is a true purple with cold undertone. I agree with A*Me, the GHW really is making the color pop more on top of how those pictures are taken with flash. I don't like the Iris with GHW look at all, it looks just too much.....doesn't help that's a Lakers color..(I'm a Celtic Fan LOL)

    I have been wanting to get the violet birkin.....I thought violet is the purple I want......because I never liked raisin, it's too dark for me...in fact I recently passed the raisin with cyclamen interior B, because I don't like how dark it is. I also did have doubts about the iris color until I saw it in person. But for me it is a gorgeous true purple bag which is a great pop of color to my very simple grey-black oriented wardrobe.
  12. I didn't think I wanted an Iris Birkin but saw another members pictures (restricter) and fell in love. I was able to obtain one with gold hardware.
  13. It's a beautiful color but just too bright for me. I love seeing the Iris though:smile:
  14. Iris is gorgeous !

    I am actually a PHW girl (except for Black Box which I like with GHW)

    But with Iris, I'm going "all out" and will get it with GHW as it looks very rich
    and reminds me of the Iris flower, with the yellow centre

    All the best deciding