Haven't used my birkin since LO was born, should i just use it as a diaper bag?

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  1. my LO is now 8.5 mo, since he was born i dont think i've taken out my 35 birkin out even once...
    i really hate to ruin it, but contemplating if i should just use it as a diaper bag... at least i'm using it and not just letting it sit in my closet...
    what would u do?
    or should i just wait until LO is older then use my birkin??
  2. sure why not? if you are happy everyone is happy
  3. I have to say... I have been looking for a diaper bag for awhile now. At first, I have been using my BBB 40 as diaper bag and it has been working out well (hook it on the mommy hook)... Until last weekend, I went to Boarders with my DS (who will turn 1 on Thursday!!!!!) and with that little guy walking ALL OVER THE PLACE and I cannot baby two babies at the same time did I realize it just wasn't practical to use a birkin anymore... So, I bought an Abbesses to use as a diaper bag... Once your baby starts walking, you REALLY need both hands to pick your baby up in moments notice, and not all the times one would have the nanny to carry all of that for you, kwim? So, I came to painful conclusion: If I am the only one with my son, I definitely would opt for a hands free bag (ie no birkin alone with DS).

  4. You should. I do.
  5. Just saw XX post. I meant for use now, prior to him moving.

  6. Oh yeah totally!!! Man, once they start moving, forgetaboutit... I wish I had four pairs of hands so that I can carry everything at once while chasing after him LOL. It's like a workout on its own!
  7. I think the birkin was born because J.Birkin needed a bag to use easily with her baby doughter.:tup:
  8. My 40 is full of hot wheels, fish crackers and diapers right now. None of which have hurt it yet.
  9. I had the same problem and I still RARELY take out my 35 birkin and he's going to be 2! I have seen what my diaper bag can look like after a busy outing and I'd say no. Things have a way of spilling and opening in diaper bags and it can be a mess. I really dont know how anyone carries a 35 Birkin AND a baby. Its hard. That's why I seem to use my Kelly bags more.
  10. How about arranging for some time to go out without your little one and using the Birkin then?
    Everyone is different, and everyone's little one is also different, so you will hear people say different things about this. Only you know for sure whether or not the pleasure outweights the extra burden.
    I have two kids and when they were little, I would not have wanted to deal with a Birkin while dealing with them and their stuff. But that was me. Many other moms could handle it and enjoyed it.
    You could give it a try and see how you feel.
  11. I have to be honest, when DS was born, it is a royal pain to carry both a diaper bag and another bag period. Using your birkin as a diaper bag? I wouldn't advise it. There is too much stuff, water, milk, cheerios, extra clothes, dirty clothes, diapers, etc. that can put a lot of wear and tear on the bag. It's a personal choice. I take really good care of my bags and would not do it. Having crumbs in my bag would be so annoying to me. Again, I am an extreme A type. All that being said, I have friends who do use their birkin as a baby bag, but none of their bags are pristine. They have multiples and reserve one to be kicked around. Some like the more broken in look....I like my bags to still look brand new.
  12. Happy Birthday to your DS xiaoxiao. to his first birthday may he have many many more happy and healty ones.

    I have no kids so I can't comment. I probably would mine as I take her out in the rain and put my dance shoes and practice skirt and a bottle of water in her.
  13. I might be in the minority here, but I use my birkins as a hybrid handbag/ diaper bag. My DD is almost 2 (next Tuesday) & I find that it's great right now b/c she walks on her own & I just hold her hand for the most part. I use the Chameleon purse insert to organize my stuff & it also keeps her sippy cups upright so no spillage. Then the rest of her stuff is easily organized around the purse insert. All her snacks are in ziplock bags that I can easily get in & out of.

    My 35cm Kelly & 37cm Bolides don't hold enough otherwise. However, I used those during in between phase (when DD was 10 months until 20 months.) B/c I agree with XX that you really need both hands free when they aren't as steady on their feet.

    My other thought is: why have such beautiful bags if they are just going to sit in the closet? I truly believe that my birkins are the most functional bags right now. Having said all this, I do agree with hermesmonkey- I do have 2 that are more 'banged up' that others & use those for traveling & diapering purposes... I can't wait for DD to be out of them soon!!!! & I also can't wait to get newer Birkins to replace my 'banged up' ones... LOL...
  14. ^ Oh man, I was contemplating if I need another 40, but now the answer is definitely a YES! I need a non-bang-up one too!!! :yes:
  15. ^ Yes, you DEFINITELY NEED another (if not 2 more ) non-banged up birkins:tup:
    On a similar note, I've been contemplating a 40. Sometimes I feel I need more room than in my 35s (which I love love love) but have heard that the 40 is more heavy (naturally b/c you can put more stuff in it). What do you think?