Haven't seen either, need opinions on whether to buy Mitzy Hobo or Mabel Hobo?

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    Please help. I have just sold 3 bags and have decided that I am going to sell my Black Annie too :sad: however the good news is my credit card is paid up so I am going to treat myself to a new black bag.
    I haven't seen either of these bags and will obviously have a look before making a purchase, however, I know that a lot of you ladies will have seen and inspected these bags and I would be really grateful for your thoughts.
    I need a bag that is comfortable to carry and holds an average amount of junk :rolleyes: it will only be my work bag and I only work 3 days every other week so it doesn't have to be a real 'workhorse' of a bag just an average bag.
    Many thanks for your opinions as there is nobody better to ask than all of you :smile:
  2. I would suggest you try them because the Mitzy hobo is absolutely enormous. You might be better off with the Mabel hobo if you're looking for a work bag. I think the Mitzy hobo might just be too big for what you want it for.
    Good news on the credit card! Have fun choosing your new bag.
  3. Sarajane, thanks so much for your advice. I had heard that the Mitzy is huge. I guess I will just have to look and see as I don't need a huge bag as I'll never find anything in it!
  4. I love the shape but worked out it'd be about down to my knees! There's talk of a smaller version coming out which would be great.
  5. Hi, yes the Mitzy is huge, but the handle is also not very comfortable on the shoulder. Haven't seen the Mabel hobo IRL, but really like the look of it on the website.
  6. I think the Mabel hobo is smarter than the Mitzy hobo so would be better for work :yes:

    SM, I'm a bit gutted to hear that the Mitzy hobo strap is uncomfortable :crybaby: I had high hopes for this bag :sad: