Haven't received my bag yet!!

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  1. What is a reasonable amount of time to wait before I do a paypal chargeback? I won a Rebecca Minkoff bag on 1/9. To date I still haven't received it and the seller did not respond to my two emails yet where I requested the tracking number. What should I do? I haven't been in this situation before. Thanks!
  2. The weather has been poor lately. Is it priority or parcel post?

    Get the contact information and call the seller.

    Remember you just had a holiday weekend too.
  3. The USPS is strange. When I used to sell stuff on eBay, some priority packages didn't arrive for weeks.

    Example No. 2: A pair of JC gloves. I sent it out via Priority. The buyer didn't get them for THREE weeks. We were panicking because we thought it was lost b/c afterall, it's not a very big package. It was from CA to NC, I think.

    Example No. 2: A JC dog carrier. From CA to NY, it took at least 2 weeks and I sent it via Priority (totally cost an arm and a leg!).

    Although, as a seller, I gave my buyers the tracking numbers and I had notified them when I shipped them out so they were "fine" with the wait. I would call her too.

  4. What method of shipping was advertised?

    If it was Free Shipping then it was probably sent Parcel Post, which typically takes 10-14 business days. If you won it on the 9th (after 5) then it has only been 8-9 business days.

    If your seller does not respond, personally I would file an INR on Friday, to which they will be forced to respond within 7 days with a tracking number.

    Either way, as long as you used PP through *bay then you should be covered by buyer protection.

    I don't get how some sellers can send items over $100 Parcel Post with no tracking or insurance. I had a seller do this to me a few months ago, $1000 purchase with nothing! It took 2 weeks.
  5. Thanks for all of your responses! I will definitely wait a bit longer and give the seller the benefit of the doubt. According to the listing, it is UPS Ground. The listing says, it should take 2-7 days.
  6. ^Do you know when the item was shipped? You mention that you won the item on 1/9, but the seller might not have shipped until 2, 3, or even 7 days after you paid (so frustrating - I know). If you knew the ship date, you'd have a better estimate for calculating when it might arrive.

    I was waiting for a Christmas gift from Apple over the holidays, and they (Apple) kept giving me the wrong tracking number. I was able to call FedEx and they took my address and did a system search to see if there were any packages in their system on the way to my address. I'm not sure if UPS can do this as well, but if you have the time, you could always call and check. I hope your bag arrives soon!
  7. You won it on 1/9; did you pay that same day?
    Assuming you paid that day, it was a domestic transaction and the seller waited seven days to ship (worse case scenario), tomorrow would be two weeks from payment and one week from shipping.

    Meanwhile, the seller has been wonderful in communicating with you, sending you the shipping date and tracking info without you asking for it, replying to your emails.

    Normally, I would say wait a few days, but due to the unresponsiveness of the seller, I would open a dispute tomorrow or Saturday if the package does not arrive by then.
  8. i'm having a similar problem. i won and paid immediately on jan 13. i've written them asking for a tracking number or SOMETHING. i haven't had any response; they just left me positive feedback for my prompt payment. what should i do? how do you file a pp chargeback, and when should i do that?
  9. WTF is with these sellers?
    They're ruining it for us good sellers!
  10. It's likely the item is on its way and this is just one of those sellers who refuses to what they call "chat" with customers, though we know getting info about the date and tracking# of the item is not chatting. I would wait a reasonable number of days. If you get the item, be honest with the feedback and the stars you give this seller. If you don't get the item after a couple of weeks, open a dispute, if that's what you want to do.
  11. ok, thanks for the adv!! i'm going to sit tight until the end of january and then decide what to do next.
  12. Sounds like I'm in a similar boat. I purchased a bag with a Best Offer on Jan 17. The offer was accepted late that night, so I paid early on Sunday, the 18th. A few days went by with no communication from the seller, so I emailed her to ask if she could update me on delivery status. The listing offered free shipping through USPS Priority, by the way. Instead of a direct reply to my email, I received the blanket email from PayPal with the tracking number. That was on Friday, Jan 23. Now on Wednesday, Jan 28, the tracking info still says that only my payment information has been received and that there is no indication that the package has actually shipped. I realize that we've had ice in Oklahoma, but that wasn't until Monday. The package is coming from Texas, and if she had mailed it on Friday or even as late as Monday morning, the storm had not yet hit. It worries me that it simply appears that she printed a shipping label for tracking number purposes but has yet to mail the package off. I emailed her again yesterday and today for an update and have gotten no response. What should I do? How much longer should I wait until I contact PayPal? She had a 100% positive feedback score with 125 responses (a mix of buyer and seller feedback).
  13. Some sellers are just bad at getting back to emails. I've known some that never replied to one email, although the package eventually and item arrived and in good condition.

    I think it's still early to do a charge back yet. Be patient for a few more days.
  14. FYI for those using USPS. I was informed today that USPS no longer offers up-to-date tracking (of any kind) for PRIORITY mail... only for Express mail.
    So, w/ Priority, tracking will show "item accepted" and "item delivered" and
    and absolutely nothing in between.

  15. Thank you...that does make me feel a tiny bit better; however, my tracking info has been stuck on "billing information received" since Jan 23. That makes me think that my package hasn't even made it to the post office yet.