Haven't received item...when should I file INR?

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  1. Hello ladies! I've been buying on ebay for years, but have never had any problems...yet!

    I bought an LV cles via ebay, listing ended on 02/04 (Tuesday) and I paid immediately. I contacted the seller the day after I paid, and the seller said they had already shipped it. We had an ice storm about that time so I was kind of expecting a delay in shipping as the entire region got shut down. I contacted the seller again on Saturday and asked if they had a tracking number for it... Got a reply a few days later: "No, its been sent. they said it would arrive yesterday. it will be there soon."

    Fast forward to today. Its been 1 week exactly since the seller supposedly shipped. Its coming from FL to MD. I have no tracking to prove that it was shipped. The seller hasn't indicated that it was "shipped" via ebay, its just noting "paid". Should I contact the seller again...maybe ask them what shipping service/company they used? Tell them it hasn't arrived yet?? When should I file a INR?

    I'm just getting antsy and worried I'm waiting on a package that is not going to arrive... just not sure how long I should wait before I file INR.
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    I'd give it another week. It's possible that the seller shipped first class (since a cles is so light) and didn't get tracking (even though they should have).

    If it hasn't arrived by next week at this time, and the seller can't provide any tracking, you can think about filing INR received then.

    ETA: Just saw the listing and the seller did ship first class, which is 4-10 business days even without the storms. Priority has been taking longer lately, so it's possible that first class could be up to two weeks with the weather.
  3. Thank you for your advice! I think I'm just antsy to get it and perturbed by the lack of tracking...everyone I've ever bought from has provided tracking info!
  4. Just be a little more patient... the mail is movng at a snail's pace..

    Your seller should have provided tracking why they didn't is disappointing..

    I'd give it til the middle of next week (Thursday) & perhaps contact your seller for

    some tracking info... If your seller does not respond, then file your INR

  5. You're welcome! It's SO hard waiting when it's something that you really want! :biggrin:
  6. Thank you for your help ladies! The item actually arrived yesterday...apparently it got held up at the post office for unknown reasons! PHEW!

    (although tracking would still have been nice. If I had seen that it was just SITTING at my local post office for 4 days, I would have investigated sooner!)
  7. Great news...