Haven't received item two weeks after shipped

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  1. Believe it or not I've never had an eBay problem as a buyer before. I purchased a scarf on the Friday after Thanksgiving and paid for it that Sunday, 11/25. The seller says she shipped on Monday 11/26 via USPS first class mail from New York. I live in Wisconsin and still haven't received the item.

    The shipping costs were only $3 but I would've been happy to purchase insurance if offered. As a seller I always offer insurance to the buyer and insist on insurance for items over $200. This item was $75 + 3 for shipping = $78.

    What do I do next?

    I already contacted the seller and she said it was shipped Monday 11/26 via USPS first class mail - not priority - in a manilla envelope. What I am afraid of is that she only put the scarf in a very flimsy envelop and it got shredded in the sorting machine.


    I should add that I paid for the item via payal and the seller has very positive feedback over 200.
  2. is there any tracking no? :confused1: maybe USPS is swapmed with xmas stuff..:yes:
  3. Hi Maxter! I'm sorry this has happened to you, but it is the seller's responsibility to get the item to you, and provide insurance and tracking. You should file a claim w/paypal. (And a $75 item should have been packed nicer than that!)
  4. I doubt it as it was just first class mail and not priority.

    I always ship priority unless the item is books or magazines. Even then, I will usually make up the difference in shipping costs with the seller. That way both of us can be certian when the item has been delivered.
  5. Thanks for your advice. I just wish I could have the item. I'll wait a few more days. I have already told the seller that I did not receive.
  6. It took 4 weeks to send a MO from PA to MN last January. You just never know with USPS.
  7. Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about this. IMO, I don't trust the regular mail through the USPS. They have lost soooo many of my items and just recently lost my baby picture (from when I was 3) that I was sending to my mom. I've just learned that I need to insure everything when it comes to USPS or send it UPS/FEDEX etc.

    Well, I HOPE that it shows up for you. Just wait it out a little bit longer (past Christmas) to see if it shows up. Good luck.
  8. Thanks everyone for their advice. I'd like to wait another week.

    But my big question is, is there a window when I can file with Paypal. If I wait too long and miss it, then what?
  9. You have 45 days to file a claim with paypal. I would file no later than 30 days that is plenty of time IMO.
  10. There are postage delays worldwide at this time of the year since mid November, and USPS is no exception.
  11. Yeah, I kow, but the one thing that worries me is that it was an H scarf packed in a manilla envelope. It was just a pouchette so not as large as a regular hermes scarf. But I'm just worried because a floppy envelope can get shredded so easily in the sorter.

    I'm still holding out hope though and will wait a week before I file a complaint.

    Thanks everyone for all your advice!
  12. GREAT NEWS! The item was received in today's mail!

    I am shocked. The seller did indeed send on 11/26 and I received today 12/10! 2 weeks to get from New York to Wisconsin. That's the USPS for ya!

    Thanks everyone!!!! I'm so happy just to have the item!
  13. I like happy endings!
  14. Wow, yay, I am so happy it arrived, Maxter! Safely, I assume, and not shredded by the sorters?

    Oddly, I just received a card in the mail today that was mailed on 11/29 from NC to NY. A CARD, not even a package! The PO must be really backed up this year. :s
  15. yay! so glad you got it and it sounds like it was in good condition!