Haven't had a discontinued one in a long time! Guess what arrived in the mail today?

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  1. I'm so happy!! and in love!!! :heart:

    Guess what arrived??

    Coach Tie Dye Denim Satchel (Summer 2006)

    I've been frantically searching for this for 6 months!! :yahoo:



    I'm so in love with this collection that I've decided to start collecting items from this collection!!!!

    to be continued...(something else is coming in the mail)..

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  2. O MY!:wtf:

    That is GORGEOUS!:love:

  3. ^ thanks!!!
  4. Wow, that is fantastic!! Congratulations!!!
  5. Super cute!
  6. Wow that is darling!
  7. Congratulations!

    I wish I liked the tie dye stuff, because I absolutely love the shape of that satchel. It's so much more like the Speedy than the new denim stuff that just came out. And I covet a Speedy shaped bag even though I don't like LV much.
  8. Pretty! :drool:SO glad you found it!:happydance: Wow, 6 months! Enjoy it! Well, I'm sure you will!
  9. gorgeous! i have the tie dye wristlet and i've been craving the bag!
  10. gorgeous!!! :yahoo: the denim is my favorite color in the tye dye!!
  11. i think it's due to my love for speedies! that's why this caught my attention! plus the tie dye is just TDF!
  12. That is awesome to search for so long and finally get it. Enjoy, it really is a pretty blue and style!
  13. and the smaller item just arrived!
  14. Congrats! Very gorgeous! I regret not getting anything from this line.
  15. Beautiful bag. Nice shape and color!
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