Haven't bought an H bag in 10 years...

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  1. Since I got my Birkin 10 years ago, my HG bag, I actually haven't bought another Hermes bag! It's my one and only H bag, that's how good it's been to me! Now I'm financially in a place where I am thinking about my next H bag. Unfortunately in the meantime I moved, and my accessories were gifts from DH so I have no purchase history at my local store. Other than the time I brought my B in for cleaning and bought a tie for DH, I rarely go to the store. My ideal next bag would be a Kelly retourne in a brown/grey color (etoupe, etain, or classic gold) or burgundy (rouge H). Should I start out slow again and maybe get some accessories, an Evelyne or other good "starter" bag before working up to asking for a Kelly, or just walk in with my Birkin on my arm and see what happens?
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  2. Welcome back
    Enjoy your new journey
  3. Wow 10 years without buying an H bag! How abt u let hubby asking for yr K? As he already bought some accessories he already has a recent purchase history?
    Otherwise get some H goodies u truly love and will use lots like yr B! Good luck!
  4. Wow, one H bag in 10 years, I could learn a few things from you :P:angel:.
    As for your question, I guess it depends...
    Are there things on your H. wishlist that you really love and would like to buy? If yes, you might start to vist the boutique more often, perhaps get some things from your wishlist and start to build a 'relationship' with a SA. And who knows....with H. you just never know.
    But I definitely wouldn't settle for less/buy things that you not truly love, just because of the chance to might get offered your next H. bag.
  5. +1
  6. Thank you all for your input!
    As far as bags go, I don't really "need" anything, but thought the Evelyne would be a nice practical bag to have. I'm not in love with the fact that it has an open top and no pockets. The only thing I really "need" is a belt, and want to get a wrap bracelet. It's not much, but might be enough?
  7. evelyne is a nice practical bag, certainly! i have a gm and regret a tiny bit i should have gone for pm, oh well its meant to be a travel sling bag and gm gives a deeper height not to worry about the spill. as for you working towards a K, as a start if you could successfully show H SAs your genuine appreciation, that would be a great start to a new relationship.
    i love the fact that you love your B and haven't gone for #2, #3 right away after, and it took you 10 years to say hmmmm time to think about adopting the next H.....just lovely. this is my ideal for H product!
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  8. Go for the Evelyne!! After collecting Birkins and kelly bags I never appreciated the Evelyne until I received one last month. Mine is PM in Clememce leather. I really can't recommend this bag more highly!! It does have a front pocket ( the correct way to wear the bag is with the H against your body)
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  9. I have four evies and and a bunch of other H bags. The Evelynes by far my most worn bags. You should be able to get one without getting on a list or placing an order.
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  10. I would start there, go shopping for a belt and bracelet and hopefully you meet a nice helpful and most importantly generous SA. I actually got offered my first birkin after purchase history of just a belt and perfume, this was back in 2014 and it took a while for the offer but it does happen!
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  11. I also went off to other brands and also am slowly rebuilding. I've found Evelyn to be an amazing bag. I enjoy mine a lot. I've a rose Jaipur and then a rouge casaque. I just got a potiron chevre and scored on a vache liegee too. My approach is more to find good condition bags and use them. I don't know if it's helpful for you but thought I'd share.
  12. welcome back to H! I figured I'd share my story with you in the hopes it helps. I bought a vintage K (not in the boutique a while back) and took it to my local boutique for a touch up at the spa. When I got it back I bought a couple of twillies for it and then occasionally would come in to browse beautiful silks, wallets, etc (but didn't buy any). Then one day I found a pair of gorgeous flats and got those and some perfume. During one of my visits, my SA asked me what my dream bag would be and I told her....fast forward a few months, I was offered my HG B30 RC. After getting my B, I bought a leather cuff and also told my SA about other items on my wish list. I have continued to go into the boutique to say hello, look at new pieces, etc. I haven't bought anything I haven't needed or wanted, but have stepped in to say hello and admire the beautiful H craftsmanship. I hope this helps and hope you get your dream K soon! Best of luck!
  13. Thank you everyone! I am encouraged that some of you have bought scarves and smaller items and still been offered Bs or Ks. I will take a look at the Evelyne and decide if it's worth it...
    Thanks again!
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  14. Thanks again to everyone for their advice! I went to the boutique to buy my belt and was able to put my name down for a Kelly *or* another Birkin! I decided I want etoupe, but knowing I already have a B30, should I still get a K in 28, 32, or should I go for a B35 because they are harder to come by and more versatile (imo)? I still like the idea of the shoulder strap for the K since I have two kids but find the closure to be a little cumbersome, even with the handles tucked under the flap. But my B30 has really held up over time, and if anything can sometimes be too small for travel, outings w kids, etc. Thoughts appreciated so I can narrow down my wish list! TIA
  15. I have 2 kids & prefer the Kelly over the birkin. Shoulder strap definitely comes in handy. I find that I have been using my Kellys & Evelynes more often than any birkins since having kids. Birkin 35 when loaded is so much more heavier than the 30. It's just all preference though & whatever you're most used to. Good luck!