haven't been over here to play yet, but had to share a pic....

  1. hi all :smile: i haven't spent much time on this sub, but i've been wanting to come say hello. and now i have a great intro for you all.....i was going through my puppy's baby pics (the one in my avatar), and came across a pic of her in our bathtub...she used to like to hang out there & chew on the tub when she was little. anyway, it cracked me up to see it again & i had to share somewhere! also included a pic of her now that she's all grown up. she's such a diva!

    and, since this is also an intro post, i'm including pics of our other monster...our beagle, bailey. in these pics, he's on the bed when he shouldn't be, and helping me pack for the move to our new house :smile:
    jez_tub_1.jpg jez_tub_2.jpg jez on bed.jpg bailey-pillow_hog.jpg bailey helping-small.JPG
  2. Very cute! I love how they can curl themselves up so tightly.
  3. What a beautiful family you have.
  4. Awww!!! That just melted my heart.. especially the pooch licking the bathtub!!! :heart: :heart: Good stuff!!
  5. The white dog is beautiful, what breed is that?
  6. They are both gorgeous!
  7. aww, thanks everyone!

    she's an afghan hound :smile:
  8. Your pups are sooo pretty!!!

    I'll bet the Beagle has a personality the size of Montana!!