havent been here in months

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  1. Hello gals .. i havent been on the cl subforum or on purseforum in general for months!! (sadly i havent bought any cls in that time frame either)

    i am in a slight dillema . .
    my birthday is comming up (21 woohoo ) and my bf cannot pick out presents if his life depends on it.

    i was thinking of a pair of loubies in the $500 range
    any suggestions?

    i dont even know what the "it" shoe is these days ..

    ugh too busy with school and trying to graduate =\

    help =)

    p.s : my wonderful parents are getting me the Chanel jumbo flap in caviar leather .... DYINGGGG :sweatdrop::drool:
  2. Hey DA! Welcome back! :flowers:
    I agree Decolletes or Ronrons would be fabulous! and right near his range (I think they're about $585 these days?)
  3. You might be able to get a better price if you buy them internationally.
  4. i am absolutely dying for cl boots !!
    but thats way out of my price range right?
  5. If you know your size in the different style CLs you are looking at, then Ebay seems to have lots of overflow from the NM and Saks sales.....$100 over their prices but still a bargain to be had IMO!
  6. Welcome back. Depending on your size and the shoe *bay does have alot of the sale shoes and some of the prices have been coming down on those shoes and sizes where there is competition (several people selling the same size shoe.)

    Congrats on getting a jumbo flap also!
  7. What size boots do you wear? We can all give you some ideas.
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    i am a 38.5 is all the cls i own (simples, decolletes, yoyo's, hercules, slingbacks)
    so im guessing i would be the same size in boots?

    and about searching on ebay .. i suggested that to my bf and he looked at me like i was retarted and said " i am not buying you a present off of ebay"

  9. welcome back, you've been missed!!! happy almost birthday! i don't have anything new to add, just wanted to say hi :smile:
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  11. Welcome back Damier! Happy birthday! I'm with sara, just wanted to say hi!