Haven't been around

  1. Sorry I've not been around lately. I have been busy, though. I started a new line at Black Cat Originals and there were a couple of prom and wedding projects which took me away from the computer. I was feeling a little under the weather because whenever we have a wet winter my allergies "spring" up in full force as soon as everything starts growing and pollinating. Not much fun, I tell you. Fortunately, I only had to spend one day in bed due to a nasty migraine. I quickly realize that people who use the phrase "just a migraine" NEVER experienced one:cursing: They are confusing a truly debilitating condition with "just a headache". Okay, that's my rant.
    I'll try to participate a little more often as soon as I get my projects cleared out.
  2. Hope you are feeling better now! Good luck on your new line!:smile:
  3. Get well soon! How are your staff members, Kate? Behaving themselves?
  4. Actually, yes...the staff members are behaving themselves. I had Eddy and Phoebe in attendance while I was laid up with the migraine. The routine shifted slightly since Beaver's death, but everyone seems to be settling into a revised hierarchy. Phoebe is finally the boss she always thought she was. After a couple of weeks, the cats didn't miss their daily wet food meals one bit, which is good...dry food is better for their teeth and cleaner, too. They do get the wet food on Sunday, their birthdays and some holidays.
    I still have sniffles and congestion from the allergies, but no headaches.
    Thanks for your well wishes,
  5. Hope you feel better soon!
  6. I hope you feel better! Good luck on the new line!