Haven't been around in a while! But the MINI COFFER has caught my attention...

  1. Hi guys! Haven't been around in a while, was hanging out at LV after BF was kind enough to relight my passion for it! But this bag has got me wow-ing and i need it now. :graucho:

    I first saw it on eBay, its called the mini coffer, I thought it was a fake and wanted to recheck with Rosemary and Miu 2, and they told me its authentic! omg I have to have it:


    It looks so tiny in the pics, can I ask is this the same as the dusty rose one that is on one of the other threads size wise, or is this smaller? It just looks much smaller :confused1:

    Also, can someone tell me how much they retail for? The Buy it now price is US$795, if thats cheaper than retail then why is the person selling a bunch of authentic ones on eBay? I'm confused!!! Someone help :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Ok just read on another thread Miu 2 informed that coffer now comes in 3 sizes, and apparently this is the smallest size available, 9 by 7 inches. Can someone tell me how much it retails for? And anywhere online that does?