haveing a hard time

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  1. My husband said to get a Chanel, since I have always wanted one, but I am having trouble actully doing it. Since they are so expensive. Did anyone else have this issue when they bought thier first?
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    It was easier for me to purchase my first Chanel because I was already collecting LV prior, it is a jump in price but nothing too difficult to swallow since Chanel bags are soo classic ( I know I will get tons of use out of them!). For me the first two LV bags that I bought made me go "wow thats a lot"...but every other purchase after that has gotten easier! If I want it and I can afford to get it then I will but then again i'm in need of help lol I shop wayyy too much! :shame:

    IMO, a reissue, classic, or WOC would all be great choices and i'm sure you will get lots of wear out of them!
  3. AGREED!! Same here. I was purchasing LV since 18yo, hence by buying a more prestige brand Chanel now and made of Genuine leather kinda justify the higher price and I sold all my LVs to fund my Chanel since I couldn't justify paying so much (though lower than Chanel) the price for canvas leather in LV
  4. Thanks. I felt the same way when I bought my first coach, now its no big deal dropping 2-3 hundred on a bag, but Chanel is a little steeper..I will do it. maybe let my hubby swipe his card haha!!
  5. ^ I also thought the same thing! Why am I paying so much for coated canvas and leather trim? Also the fact that sooo many people carry LV and I find that I falll out of love with most of my LV's in about 3 years...not sure why? I just get "tired" of the style? :shrugs:

    ^ You are making a bigger leap across several brands so yes the price is quite a bit steeper! If you are planing to purchase a reissue or classic then try to do it before feb 1st because they are having a price increase then...WOC will remain the same price though. Let us know what you decide on! I am always willing to let my SO swipe the card ;) lol
  6. This is so funny! I want a SO like yours!! I always swipe my own card! Maybe I should start training my SO to swipe his too?? Yeah I couldn't understand why LV is so common nowadays even though when sometimes (in the past) i wanna buy a particular LV product, all the boutique said SOLD OUT of it. Meaning LV did control their quantities supply out but still I am ??? blur about the mass consumer carrying LV till it is so common now.
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    Me and the SO actually toned down on the gift giving now since we have been together a while. We actually got to a point where is was too much (if thats possible) :nuts: We both love beautiful things so its kind of a blessing and a curse all at the same time! He's even got the "fake-dar" going on now, the other day we were out and he grabbed my arm and was like "hunny look a fakey!" Lol!

    I know what you mean about LV overstocking/selling/producing! I really truly believe that they have conquered their goal of world domination in the handbag realm! I remember a few years back when I wanted a Azur and it was impossible to get then a year or two later I called the boutique and they said they had 65 of them in stock! I know its a really popular bag but 65 is a lot of stock! Thankfully Chanel has taken the opposite approach and they will be reducing production to avoid over flooding the market.
  8. Your SO has already attained that level of 'fake-dar!?'. That is so admirable. My SO can't even differentiate if I got make up or not least said differentiating a real or fake bag! Maybe that is because I am always on the light make up side and definitely refuse to put foundation but the only way he knows I have make up on was that I draw very black eye shadow then he can see the difference. Yeah LV is kinda McDonald true true..

    You know what! I saw that Chanel has also been like LV already!! Yes although is very true that Chanel control its quantities much stricter than LV as most of the time I went to my boutique is always OOS of the items I wanna purchase. But I am scare Chanel will walk on LV Thread. As in my country, I have been seeing more and more Chanel on the streets! I do not want it to be that common also... Though it is still very far-fetched from the Mass-LV-Consumers. But the base is increasing rapidly.
  9. My SO can now spot fake LV and Chanel bags too, and pulled that fakedar move on me the other day too! HAHAHA! :ghi5: I guess our SOs are just awesome and attentive to our likes and needs. :biggrin:

    BagloverBurr, I too felt that it was ridiculous to drop 2-3k on a bag when I could use that money for a vacation instead, until I fell in love with Dior. This was quickly followed by LV and now Chanel. Your SO is so sweet. You should let him buy you the bag. Just make sure he knows to expect that with http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/chanel-bags-you-cant-just-buy-one-548542.html :graucho:
  10. it wasn't hard for me since my DH is paying for it. Got my first E/W caviar with SHW 3 years ago. Then I started going crazy over Chanels since last year after my M/L coral lambskin.

    Since your DH is offering to get you a Chanel, choose the one that suits you best! Have fun selecting!
  11. I know it's expensive but you only live once. Plus Chanel bags are sooo CLASSIC you'll never regret it.

    My friends know I'm obsessed with expensive bags and I know they're thinking they would never spend that much on bags. All girls have a thing, e.g shoes, clothes etc. Mine so happens to be bags...and I friggin' love it! :smile:
  12. did u happen to find anything that you absolutely love yet?? cause then it most likely will be no problem! lol
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    ^It might be due to your location too! One of my girlfriends told me that in Asia Chanel is much more common that here in North America. I actually remember her saying that Chanel was probably more common than LV there which made me go :wtf: but i'm not sure if she was only referring to HK or Shanghai (she lives in both places). It does make sense though since the economy in Asia is much more stable than here in North America. Chanels are pricey bags and there are lots of business people there that do well enough to buy it. I remember reading somewhere that 80-90% (not sure on the exact % but its high) of LV's business is in Asia, mostly in Japan. So maybe its like this with Chanel too? :shrugs: Its funny because where I live its a rare sight! I actually don't mind seeing Chanel here because its not very common, nice to see another Chanel lover because its so different! I know what you mean about Chanel potentially becoming more common but it definetly won't get to the point of LV at least not while Carl Lagerfeld is creative director since he is a designer so he does value his reputation and the brand. Unlike the CEO of LVMH...Mr. Bernard Arnault is a business man so he is only worried profits!

    BTW dinitegrity, did you get a chance to go to the New Shanghai store yet? I am going down to Asia in a few months and i'm hoping to stop by! The website makes it sound amazing and maybe I can make a small purchase while i'm there :graucho:
  14. nighteyes: Yup, we sure know how to train them! lol ;)

    BagloverBurr: Did you have any specific bags in mind already? Its super sweet of your dh to offer to buy you a Chanel!
  15. Nope I did not. I am in Singapore. But my friend there has been to the New Shanghai store. Nice and huge she said. You will be coming to Asia? Where? China Shanghai?