Have your Stella McCartney heels stretched out?

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  1. I just received my Stella McCartney wedges today from Yoox! I've been searching everywhere for these, the crescent toe pump/wedge with the wood heel and metal plate and had to get them when I saw them on Yoox.

    The only problem is, they are sooo narrow. They length is fine, not generous, but tolerable.. the width is so narrow that when I first tried them on, I thought instantly that I had to send them back.

    But after a few hours of thinking it over, I don't think I can bear to part with them!

    So I was wondering, does anyone know if Stella McCartney heels tend to stretch out?

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  2. They are so nice! It's a pitty to send them back. If i.m in your place, i will wear them at my home to strech them and after a couple of days i will wear them outside taking the disconfort. Don't give up, they are so nice and it will worth to endure some pain for looking good and receiving many complimets.
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    you have to remember that her shoes are not leather. these are some type of rubber/plastic and I don't know how they will stretch. rubber doesn't tend to stretch. leather and cloth do. a cobbler may be able to stretch using heat? but that may completely distort the shape of the shoe. Think of a rainboot. They definitely keep their shape and do not stretch. my guess is that they won't :sad:
  4. Hmm I though they were patent but apprently not from the above post. You could try wearing a very thick pair of socks (like those slipper sock things) and wear them around the house (when you're sat watching tv etc) to see if you can get them to stretch? Make sure you do give your feet a rest though.
  5. I love that shoe. You can also try to stretch them at home. I brought a shoe stretcher from Wal-Mart that seems to work for me just fine. You also try to heat them up a little bit with a hair blow dryer and wear them around the house with a thick sock so they may stretch a little more for you.
  6. In my experience Stella shoes do stretch out.
    I have a number of Stella McCartney shoes and boots, including the wedges you've just bought. I used to go up half a size in this designer because the fit was so neat - mistake.
    If they are your regular IT size, my advice would be to keep them in that size. You don't want to be slipping out of pumps that high ;)

    Congrats by the way - I love these shoes and I was thrilled to get a pair. I think they're modern classics :tup:
  7. I have a similar pair but they're the boots version (The ones Kate Lanphear wore). I've been wearing them for months now and they don't really change much in size, but perhaps because they're boots so I don't really sense the change much.
  8. Thank you! That was the answer I've been waiting to hear. My Stella McCartney mesh sandals stretched out quite well, but I wasn't too sure that would happen with this shoe.
  9. I'm glad to hear that they do stretch :biggrin:
    but Stella definitely does not use patent leather, or any leather. Hers is a cruelty-free line. You can't be Paul and Linda's child and not love the animals :biggrin: