Have your sales slowed down? I hit a dry spell all of a sudden

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  1. On etsy you see you get lots of hearts on your items but it doesnt translate to sales.I hit quite a dry spell between ebay etsy and bonanzle.I wonder if its just me or everyone seeing a slowdown in their sales
  2. It's been a very slow month for me as well.
  3. January was a lot better than Feb has been!
  4. I am having sales on my very low price items. Putting those up just to keep something happening.
  5. I think it depends on what you're selling. My three cashmere sweaters...nothing. My bikinis and top/dress....bids galore.

    I just sold a pair of Louboutins too.
  6. ^ I agree...

    Bonanzle is very slow for me so i don't even bother listing there...ebay has been good to me for the past little while.