Have your parents ever disapproved of someone you wanted to date or marry?

  1. Yes... neither particularly liked my past two ex-'s until after we broke up and they got to know them better.
  2. Oh yeah....they didn't think my last long-term BF was good enough for me - he was still too immature at the time and was a bit of a mama's boy. My current boyfriend (of almost two years) is older than me and we are a great "fit". My parents seem to be pleased that we are headed towards marriage...
  3. Nope! My parents liked my exboyfriend very much and they also like the man that I have now :smile: Guess I've been lucky!
  4. Yep. My parents didn't like my first long term boyfriend because he was way to immature and didn't treat me as well as he should have. I didn't see their point of view at the time, but now I do!
  5. Yeah, my folks aren't exactly fond of my SO. They think he's too immature, conceited, didn't have as good of an education, didn't make enough money and wasn't tall enough ...

    The thing is, I don't think my folks will be happy with ANYONE I'm with ... sometimes I think they just don't want to let go.
  6. Yes, my mom hated my current DH when we were going out years ago and she wasn't too pleased that I decided to marry him. However, now that we're married with children my parents support us a whole lot and have embraced him as part of their family. That is much more than I can say about his family who hates my guts and makes it very obvious.
  7. My mom usually doesn't approve of anyone I start dating (she prefers my exes), but if they meet certain levels of educational attainment. social status, etc., she soon likes them....

    I personally would never marry someone my parents hated because I don't want to lose my parents over a man.... That's just my personal choice.
  8. Kind of ...my dad thinks my current bf lacks ''ambition'' and therefore isnt good enough for me... which isnt true he just doesnt show it he isnt a publicly passionate person...makes me kinda sad because im the biggest daddys girl lol..
  9. My mother, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, and cousins all hated my last boyfriend before I was married and I had NO idea. They were very good at keeping their feelings to themselves.

    And I wish they hadn't!!! If I'd known how they really felt perhaps I would've come to my senses sooner!!!
  10. Yup. I've learned to listen to my mom when it comes to guys and friends, because she's always been right.
  11. Of course. My parents and I have VERY different tastes in bfs/friends. Also, they think people of different social classes can't date each other, which is entirely not true.
  12. haha my dad never really has any say on that. he just gives a bit of a frown and never voices his opinion. my mom on the other hand, definitely didn't like my long term ex-boyfriend which eventually lead to a break up ...
  13. My parents never liked ANY of my bfs'. When my DH went to ask for my hand, my parents said NO!!! Needless to say, 10 1/2 years later with four children, I think they like him better than me....
  14. My mom loves my DH more than she does me...she sides with him all the time! Oh well, I guess I can be a brat at times... :shame:
  15. My strict parents didn't allow me to date until I was almost 23, so they've never met any of my boyfriends and never even knew I've dated. Now that I'm a little older (28), if I do meet someone I'm serious about, I'll introduce him to them because I value their input. I don't think they would have disapproved of anyone I've dated, though, just the idea of dating itself before a certain age.