Have your pants ever fallen off?

  1. I know this is silly, but...

    I've been noticing more and more lately that all the pants I buy must be made for dummies. Do any of us really need a button, a zipper, and not one, but two hooks to keep our pants up? What if you really have to pee and one of the closures fails to open? Is there an emergency hatch?

    Never in my life have I had that sinking feeling that my pants were about to fall down. Never thought "Oh, I wish my pants had just one or two or three more closures 'cause things aren't feeling too secure right now." My pants have never fallen off!! Have your pants ever actually fallen off from lack of closures?

    Somewhere, at some point in recent history, someone's pants must have fallen off. A clothing company was sued for the public humiliation of it all. The lawyers went to work and maybe some civil liberties group got involved, and the pants factory was forced to put a ridiculous number of closures on my chinos.

    Yep, that would explain it.:blink:
  2. the way some kids wear their jeans these days I think they want them to fall off.
  3. its funny, it seems like there ate 2 buttons rather then one on pants and so on even jeans... i don't know why, maybe if one broke theres still another one? lol
  4. well, there was this one time I wore my favorite pair of jeans at the time to eat with my friends and my then crush, who is now my bf. The only type of closure to my jeans was a line of muliple snap buttons. I guess I ate too much and gained a small belly, because when I stood up ALL of the buttons snapped open. :wtf: Thank goodness, it was not loud enough for anyone to hear and my shirt was long enough to cover it. I had to walk aside with my best friend to snap them back on as she covered for me. :nuts:
  5. LOL! :lol:

    Funny thread! :yes:

    No, thankfully, I can't say my pants (or trousers, as we call them here [pants are underpants!]) have ever fallen down due to lack of closures. :nogood:
  6. Lol some of mine actually have TOO many closures. My shorts from Express (Editor style) have about 6 buttons on each side lol.
  7. OMG I KNOW!!

    I have a funny story to share.

    There's this guy at my high school and he's pretty fashionable, always nice hoodies and lacoste polos, etc. But he always wears his jeans like HALFWAY down his butt. So one day my friend and I are walking behind him home from the bus stop and his pants are falling slowly down. He's got one hand on his cell phone and one full of books or something, so he keeps spreading his legs apart so his pants don't hit the ground.

    Unfortunately for him, he didn't make it very far before they were around his ankles... :nogood: Luckily for my friend and I, he was wearing a long shirt, so it served as a "barrier" for us, if you will.

    I just don't understand. How can that be COMFORTABLE? I always make sure my jeans/pants fit before I buy any pair... :okay:
  8. Never had my pants fall down and never will.
    I've seen a fair number of guys who's pants have fallen down though.
  9. I haven't have them fall down but I have had two pairs where one of the closure came loose while I was wearing them. Luckily I had another closure to keep them up until I could repair them.
  10. hmm interesting question, thankfully mine have never fallen off. But I guess they want to make sure it doesnt happen lol
  11. :roflmfao: talk about suffering for fashion!
  12. That reminded me of a story. My DH and I were at the Orange County Marketplace (swap meet) one morning. There were two tall, skinny, totaly OC teenaged boys who looked like they were trying very hard to impress the two girls they were with. Of course, both guys had their pants hanging well below their cheeks, the better to display their boxer shorts. As I glanced over at one of the guys, his pants fell completely down around his ankles!!:roflmfao: He pulled them up so fast that I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who even noticed.

    Maybe he could have used the additional closures I complain about. Or a good old belt. Or a butt.
  13. ^ haha..funny thread
  14. LOL! I seriouslly remember being in 6th grade (and mind you I'm 21 now) and my dad taught at the local high school, so, every day after school we went to his class room, since the elementary school was across the street. Well, I knew this one girl and her best guy friend and his pants were sooooo low!!! This style had pretty much JUST started and the lower they were the cooler you were. Well, my sister and I were walking and he was down the hall and was walking from his locker across the hall to some frineds and his pants fell all the way to his feet! We couldn't stop laughing! He just kept walking, picked um up and acted like nothing had happened! First and only time I saw that happen! :graucho:
  15. No pants to have ever fallen off, and I'd like to keep it that way! :p

    But re boys and their too low pants, I've seen my share, but haven't caught one with his pants around his ankles!!! That would be hilarious!