Have your number of Posts decreased? What happened?

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  1. On Saturday (1/5) evening, the Forum was down for a short time for maintenance. When it returned, I noticed that my number of Posts had decreased by almost 100 count. Has anyone else noticed a decrease in their Posts?

    Before the maintenance I had about 430 Posts, now it's about 330. Does anyone know what happened?
  2. Yes, you are 100% correct. I noticed my post count went down by over 1000 posts. I am not sure why. I know this happened once before when Megs deleated the 1,000,000 thread. I did not post that much in that tread, so that time it did not really effect my post count. Whatever they did this time effected it more.

    I have been looking for other posts about it but have not found any.
  3. mine did too, and this affects my participation in the ROAK - sad....
  4. Mokoni, Thanks for the link and for the suggestion, I just re-posted my question in the Feedback Dropbox. It seems other members have noticed a change in their number of Posts, too.
  5. I am not sure how much this has to do with our post counts but I just noticed that the welcome forum is gone.
  6. oh, i hope this didn't happen to me!! i've been spending a lot of time here posting to get them up for RAOK.... yikes!
  7. ^Agreed!
  8. FYI,

    Vlad was kind enough to reply and let me know this:

    "Many members used the Newcomer's Lounge to increase their post counts by repeatedly posting short welcome messages by the hundreds. I deleted that forum, that is why your post counts dropped."

    So if you ever posted in the Newcomer's Lounge, then your Posts count have been reduced by that amount. At least we're not crazy, thinking that we're seeing things!

    Enjoy your day!:tup:
  9. Yeah, I asked a question in my newcomer post, because I'm a newcomer. :smile: It got deleted so, I don't know the answer and don't know where to post the question. Heck...I'll ask here. Hopefully it's not too out of line for the thread. I'm familiar with this type of forum. I frequent two others that use the same, uh "style" of forum. But, for some reason, I don't have a PM option in TPF. Is it because I don't have enough posts? Does it get triggered after a certain number? I can't imagine this forum just goes without PMs.
  10. Sorry, I can't help with your question. Perhaps another member will chime in with an answer. I thought that it was an option that was turned on when you signed-up, because we can PM members.

    Someone help her with an answer, please...

  11. http://forum.purseblog.com/news-and-announcements/private-messaging-disabled-for-newly-registered-members-122326.html

    Due to the recent wave of newly registered spammers soliciting their counterfeit goods to our members via PM, I was forced to put a rule in place under which newly registered members can not use Private Messaging until they've posted 5 times and have been a member for 5 days.

    One you reach these requirements, your status will be updated within the hour
  12. beljwl, Thanks for the info!

    It's amazing how you ladies remember these old (but helpful) posts and have links for them, this should answer her questions.:tup:
  13. thanks for these updates.
  14. I guess that explains it :smile: I have more than 5 posts, but probably not 5 days. :smile:
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