Have your ebay sales slowed down?

  1. Hi! I was wondering if this is a bad time for eBay sales of handbags.

    There are sooo many sales going on at department stores.

    And, aren't most budgets stretched in Nov. & Dec shopping for Christmas/Holiday gifts for others?

    Have you noticed your sales for high-end purses slowing down? I'm just trying to figure out whehter I should hold off on selling some of my bags until Jan/Feb. I would hate to list items and have them not sell. eBay fees are so high these days...

    thanks in advance!
  2. Ummm, mine is slowing down since 1-2 weeks ago :s
  3. High end product come to stop, even lose watchers. eBay seller might have to compete with those big retailers I am afraid!:s
  4. I hope it's not slowing down. I have 14 bags going up :sad:
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I might just hold off on listing more purses. The listing fees are so high.

    I know for myself, my head is spinning due to all the special Friends & Family sales and purse markdowns. I suppose the overseas people might still be interested because I've heard that their sales aren't as huge as US markdowns.
  6. I have sold a couple of bags recently but it does seem slower. Although I guess if you have what someone is looking for it will make no difference. :smile:
  7. Sales are definitely slow. I have been debating taking the auto-decline off my store items but I just don't like having to have a price list or a note on my listings.