Have your bags "changed color" over time?

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  1. I've been giving my "new" Brick Blake some luvin' trying to clean her up and I've noticed that she is a distinctly different color than my Brick Frame Satchel was. At first I thought I was imagining it, then I thought maybe she would brighten up with some conditioner but now I'm sure that here color is just really different.

    SOoooooooo, had anyone else had this experience before? It's like the color is just not as VIBRANT(slightly darker with not as much POP).

    I'm thinking the major difference between my my Frame Satchel and this Blake is that while the Frame Satchel was in pristine unused condition when I found her, this Blake has been well loved. The Funny thing is that the stitching does not look bad or off color and I would assume if some funky conditioner was used on it it would have affected the pretty bright magenta stitching that this bag has.

    Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE her! Just wondering if this is what happens over many years of use as she is from '05.

    Also, she cleaned up pretty well, the dry elbows that looked like they had lost color are nice and even, and the hardware had the protective plastic on it still, so I pulled it of and ta-da shinny new hardware!

    Check out this smooth elbow:graucho:!

  2. This was the before:
  3. wow! you did some good work on that 'elbow'!! it looks much better!

    sorry i don't know the answer ur question tho :shame:
  4. Great job Jacy!! You are totally cleaning this baby up. She's gonna love you! I don't recall any of my bags fading in color, but I have seen some bags on ebay that appear a slight shade or two different than the original. I guess it all depends on how it was stored and cleaned. Maybe the original owner used some sort of industrial strength cleaner on it?

    Those corners look amazing!
  5. You did a great job, but yes, I had a black anouk that seemed to fade over time, I think that is just the nature of the calf leather...my zc is the same way.
  6. Ahhh, the things you learn. I'm kind of a soft calf newbie since this is really the first soft calf bag I have gotten that had a history of use. My frame stachel and my ZC still had/has that new soft calf sparkle ;).
  7. maybe the blake has been exposed to a lot of sunlight? the new care cards mention keeping bags out of direct light, and i thought it was to prevent color fading. perhaps the seller kept her bag near a window or something.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking about that. The thing is that the color seems to have darkened and just become less vibrant(which I know did not come through in the pics). I suppose though if someone had used a funky conditioner or cleaner AND also exposed the bag to sunlight the conditioner could have oxidized and caused the darkening (afterall oils LOVE to oxidize right :P ). Any chemists here think that sounds viable?
  9. No chemist here, just wanting to comment that it is amazing what a good conditioning can do! Those elbows look nice & smooth now!
  10. Wish I could fix my elbows that good!
  11. ^lol:heart:
  12. wow how did you do that elbow?
  13. Literally all I did was apply Apple conditioner:shrugs:
  14. hey question, my ags have some discolouration from the sun? i guess?
    and was wondering what that site was again for cleaning purses...
    anyone know?
  15. You did a great job, she's cleaned up really nicely, I think she's gorgeous, but we're still waiting for modeling pics, you have new bags to show off :P