HAve You Waitlisted For Spring?


May 7, 2006
So just curious...who's already waitlisted? What are you listed for? Where on the list are you?

I waitlisted for both the blue & grey denim patchwork speedy...I'm pretty sure I'll go with the grey one...but waitlisted for both just in case. I'm #1 on the list for both colors.
I think that's all I'll list for.....none of the big bags are grabbing my attention...and I think the smaller accessories will be easier to get.
I like the metallic lace in medium size (I saw 3 different size in the vuitton.com, BTW), I talked to my SA and he knew nothing about it when I kept saying "it is monogram with the lace", he said he will add me for the anything monogram that will be in the Spring collection.

I will put my name on the white bag in Scar Jo ad as well..may be tomorrow before I'm leaving.

:wlae: :wlae:
i tried to get on a list for any of the mono metallic lace at saks and lv boutique at the boca mall, no one knows 'anything'. and they 'can't put me on a list they don't have'.
Yes! 1st on the list for the grey denim wristlet type thing
and 1st on the list for the round white keychain thing, when the look book comes in I'll see what else I like! I love the LVOE tote and would get it to use as like a weekend tote or something, but not for $1,600! :Push: