HAVE YOU: used your white/cream Chloes? or do they get too dirty?

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  1. before i purchase the bag i was wondering if anyone who has the light colored chloe could tell if the bag gets dirty easily? because i would hate it if i had to be SUPER careful with it lol :biggrin:

    also, does that appleguard things really help and what do they prevent the bags from?

    ohh someone also talked of color transfer - is that true?
    and what would be the best way to maintain them in their best condition? thanks for your help!!!
  2. I have had color transfer with a suede bag that was pretty bad, and a tiny bit of color transfer with the yellow Scout in my avatar (but that was only because I carried it on my shoulder wearing a black suede jacket). So I am really not sure. I hear good things about Apple Guard with respect to other people's bags.
  3. I had color transfer with my craie Chloe hobo...loved the craie...could not deal with the transfer...(maybe it was the seven jeans that was the culprit???)
  4. Did it go bye-bye? Were you able to return it?
  5. hmm would u guys suggest to not get it then...or is it often fixable? :worried:
  6. Well, if you are careful about what you wear it with...no black suede or super-dark washed jeans, it would probably be fine.
  7. i;ve had dye transfer happen with lighter wash jeans that had been laundered before! Guess it all depends on the dye. I couldnt do white/cream bags. I'd be too paranoid.
  8. I have the Craie (Cream) Paddy, got it last year. I have had no problems with it. I don't have clothes where dye transfer is an issue. Also, it's under the arm if worn as a shoulderbag so unless you have a funky-dye tee on...

    I use Apple lotion to clean and protect it and eraser for smudges which appear only on the piping. The piping on bottom shows slight wear, as all color Paddys will, but overall it looks fabulous. I spilled coffee on it -ack!- and it was fine after.
  9. I've had dye transfer with lighter wash jeans that had been laundered before too, so it's not just dark washes to be careful with. But I own the regular Blanc Paddy satchel and like was mentioned above, I just wear it over the shoulder. Since it hangs so high up, it hasn't been a problem.
  10. I think if you are in love with the lighter color you should get it. Even if there is some transfer, it will probably be on the side of the bag that you wear against your body, so it won't be a big issue. And I have heard that a baby wipe will clean practically anything off these bags.
  11. SoCal - did you return it to Nordstrom? or did they fix it for you?
  12. no problem with my 06 Blanc but with my 05 white bowler it had problem with my jeans.
  13. I have not had a problem with my blanc (creamy color) paddy as of yet. But I am pretty careful with where I sit it down. I put it over my shoulder most times so haven't had a problem with the handles getting dirty. And I haven't had any kind of color transfer problems (yet). It's a great color and goes with just about everything.
  14. me too...I have the blanc paddy satchel and it's still pristine. i never carry it, only put it on my shoulder so there's no color transfer from my jeans. and the blanc paddy is a creamy color, not as stark white as the white balenciagas so it doesn't pick up on dirt as much.