Have you used this?

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  1. Saw someone use it on her Delightful before storing it in the dust bag on YouTube. Is anyone familiar with it or utilized it?

    image-1500615664.jpg image-2467138714.jpg
  2. Not this particular brand but any white eraser should do.
  3. Does using this deteriorate the vachetta?
  4. Wow! That's a plastic pencil eraser!! I've seen the white sponge erasers only... Who would have thought...
  5. Not plastic. Rubber.
  6. Tried the white eraser on my Galliera and it worked very well. Wanted to try and remove the ring marks. Although I have the plastic rings inside the brass rings there were still a small amount of black marks from the rings. Also used it on the strap that had the dark mark from the buckle. The mark is lighter but not completely gone, and I'm okay with that.

    I am not completely sure of the effect the eraser has on the vachetta so I rubbed my hands on the areas I did use the eraser on to put back some of the oil or moisture into the leather. I don't want the patina to completely take over but I thought it best to do that on the few small areas I used the eraser on.