Have You Used Shiseido White Lucent skincare- Does it work?

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  1. I want to buy the Shiseido white lucent collection from Nordstrom.

    It is an anniversary exclusive.

    Has anyone used the white lucent line?

    Did it help brighten your skin?

    Would you recommend buying this?

    The kit includes:
    Powered by advanced brightening technology, this White Lucent collection helps to diminish dark spots, freckles and dullness and to deliver uncompromised clarity. This exclusive set includes full-size Brightening Cleansing Foam (4.2 oz.) and Brightening Protective Moisturizer SPF 16 (2.5 oz.), travel-size Brightening Refining Softener Enriched (2.5 oz.), a deluxe sample of Concentrated Brightening Serum (0.17 oz.), and a sample of the new Brightening Eye Treatment (0.07 oz.). As an added bonus, receive a complimentary gift card to pamper yourself with one of Shiseido's skincare facial treatments—all in a shimmering, purple cosmetic pouch.

  2. i dont know why, but shiseido makes my face itch like crazy. it has the same affect on my mom... which sucks, because isnt it made for asian skin? poooo.
  3. I bought a set from Nordtrom's earlier this year. I used this to lighten up some blemishes, because I kept getting blackheads & pimples from Bare Minerals. It made my face itch and after a few weeks, this just made it worse.

    After swearing off, Shiseido White Lucent & Bare Minerals, I face has been clear.
  4. I tried all the products from this line because my mom is a very loyal Shiseido customer so when it first came out, she bought it. She got clogged pores after a few weeks and I broke out from the brightening day cream with spf. I think it only smells good and has very pretty packaging.

    The only thing from this line that I think is worth it and I continue to use weekly is the intensive brightening mask. That is HG for me. I like it cuz it covers your entire face--even the eye area. This means you have to have your eyes closed when you do this mask. Really helped with evening out skin tone, fading my acne marks, and brightening.

    The cleanser is ok. A bit drying and very similar if not the exact same (except for different fragrance) as the deep cleansing foam cleanser from the Pureness line.

    Everything else from this line was a waste of money. HTHs~ :smile: (For reference I have oily skin/blemish prone and my mom has oily mature skin)
  5. Actually, Shiseido makes different products for the US/international market. I asked a friend to price check some things for me in Japan, and they don't sell the same lines there as they do here.
  6. I actually tried the products twice, though I never used it for the brighten factors just as a regular moisture. I actually never notice any difference, and it did make me a little more oily during the day. Not something I'd like to go back to.
  7. no..it doesn't work so well. and shiseido products make me itch too. however, I've heard that the Shiseido whitening line in Asia is better than this one.
  8. Really are the formulations different here than over seas?

    Now I am unsure as to get this. Seems like the reviews are pretty bad. UGH I wanted to try it so bad too!
  9. I don't think the formulations are different, but there are many lines in HK that aren't avaliable here in North America. Even the lines in HK and Japan are different. For instance, there is this super collagen/anti-wrinkle mask (forgot the exact name) that is only avaliable in Japan. There are also entire lines that are exclusive to Japan and unavaliable anywhere else in the world.

    As for the whitening line, I think you guys are talking about "Whiteness" or something like that right? That one is pretty expensive too.

    Again, if you really want to try this line, I highly suggest you start with the sheet masks. They're really good!
  10. How often did you use the masks? How many did you use to get your results?

    They sell 6 sheets for $66 so it is pretty expensive.

    Will 6 be enough to see good results or will I need to try many of them?

    Thanks for your help!

  11. LOL, this very combination has given me my 'best' face, so far! Everyone's skin will react differently, so see if you could score free samples at the counter and try it firsthand.:idea:
  12. I had high hopes for the White Lucent line, but it didn't have any brightening effects on me. I also don't like the strong fragrance in their skincare products.
  13. I try to use one every week but sometimes I get lazy or I forget so it would turn into once every 2 weeks or so. They are pretty expensive but I've tried other sheet masks (some alot cheaper like Neutrogena whitening masks from HK and expensive like SKII) and I don't like it as much. Plus, as I've said before, you can do your eyes too which I found was a definite plus since I don't have to put on a separate eye mask.

    I'm pretty sure you'll see results after one box (6 sheets). These aren't whitening masks though. They only help with evening out skin tone (fading out dark marks), hydrating, and making your skin more dewy looking and translucent. They won't make you look any fairer.

    Anyhow, if you decide to get them here's a tip for you. After I peel off my mask, I squeeze out the leftover (there will be alot) liquid/serum and apply it on my neck, chest and hands. They're expensive so I don't want to waste any of it! Hehehehe. :yes:
  14. I've been using the White Lucent Foaming Cleanser for 3+ months. Didn't or doesn't do much for me... meaning, no actual "whitening" effect and it also makes my skin a bit dry after cleansing. I've tried the Shiseido Whitess line - the tiny tube that costs $150cdn was incredible and actually whitened and rejuvenated my skin! I absolutely loved it - worked even better than SK2 for me. I was devastated when it got discontinued here!
  15. I've never tried the White Lucent skincare line, but I use the White Lucent Brightening Makeup Base and it is great.